Bizzybee Gloves With Moisturiser and Extra Strong Multipurpose Cloths Review

You may or may not remember that a while ago I was lucky enough to win this fab cleaning goody bag from Bizzybee. 


I've already reviewed two items from the set (my review of which can be found here) and today I'm sharing my thoughts on the multipurpose gloves with moisturiser and the multipurpose extra strong cloths.


Hubby had decided to fire up the new gas barbecue he'd just bought (he's a bit obsessed with having barbecues in the warmer weather but that's a blog post for another day) and I needed to give the garden table a wash so we'd have somewhere clean to eat.


On that particular day my hands were feeling rather sensitive and dry so I opted for the gloves with added moisturiser and luxury lining in the hope that they might be more delicate on my skin. 

Wow, just wow, these gloves were so soft. Some cleaning gloves can be quite stiff but these felt like a second skin, I was actually rather reluctant to take them off! They are definitely my favourite gloves so far.


The cloth was also great, it was strong, easy to manoeuvre and soaked up the water well. These cloths are suitable for wet or dry use so you can also use them to mop up spills (something that parents tend to do a lot of). Another great feature of the Bizzybee cloths is that they are machine or hand washable so one pack will last ages and therefore save you money!

By the time I had finished, the table was sparkling clean and my hands felt like they had been cared for. I patted the gloves dry and hung them up using the little clip which also came in the goody bag, I just love the little Bizzybee logo on the arm of one of the gloves.


These products made cleaning our garden table a pleasure, I even had the kids begging me for a chance to clean the table with the gloves - what more could I ask for?

Do you have any favourite cleaning products that make your life easier? I'd love to hear about them.


  1. Looks like a fab product Kate. Kids begging for the chance? A winner :)

    1. Haha exactly, things like that never happen - they must be magic gloves!

      Thank you for stopping by Shaz x


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