Create a Wheelbarrow Garden

During a recent telephone conversation with my parents they asked me if we needed a wheelbarrow because they didn't want theirs any more. We already have one so they said they'd find someone else who might need it.

The following week we went to visit them and my dad excitedly dragged me out to the garden to show me how he had made use of the old wheelbarrow...

Wheelbarrow Garden

He had made it into a miniature garden! 

I loved this idea so much I just had to share it on my blog. If our wheelbarrow wasn't so new and I didn't think hubby would mind, I would definitely recreate this in my own garden.

Wheelbarrow Garden

Here's how he did it:
  • First he drilled some holes in the bottom of the wheelbarrow.
  • Next he put some stones in and covered them with compost.
  • He planted some small plants and flowers to create a tiny garden effect.
  • Finally he put decorative stones on the top, including some larger rocks.

Small Flower

You could paint the wheelbarrow first if you'd prefer it to look fresh and new but I think the rough, old look just adds to the character of it. It conjures up images in my mind of all the hard work the wheelbarrow has seen.

Wheelbarrow Garden

Such a simple idea but so effective.


  1. We had something similar in our garden Kate. The previous owners had left one behind (it had definitely seen a lot of work). We planted it with bulbs so had a glorious show of colour in the spring. It was good to get something off the ground and away from the snails/slugs (they didn't appear to want to climb it).

    I love this idea too. I love Alpine gardens :)

    1. I can imagine it isn't something you'd take with you if you moved! I've never seen one before but I suppose you can put plants in anything :)

      Thank you for sharing Shaz x


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