Me Time - How Do You Spend Yours?

Recently I took advantage of a free one card reading by the lovely Shaz over at The Rose Petals. When it suggested I relax a bit more I began thinking about my 'me time'. Obviously this is something that is difficult to achieve when you have three children, a husband, three pets and a house to look after (notice I didn't mention the two blogs I also have on the go)!

When I do manage to get some quiet time, usually when everyone else is in bed and I've finished my blogging/tweeting for the day, there are three main components which make my 'me time' perfect...

Me Time

Reading is my number one 'me time' activity because it takes me to faraway and sometimes impossible places. I'm one of those readers who likes to become completely absorbed by the storyline and its characters so that I feel as though I'm right there in the book with them. This is the main reason I only read fiction - I want to escape the real world just for a little while.

I am absolutely addicted to Soda Crush, it drives me crazy and to be honest it is rather a pointless game but that's exactly why I love it so much. At the end of the day I just want to do something that doesn't require too much thought and is a little bit mind numbing, sometimes a mummy's mind just needs to be numbed!

The final element is a glorious cuppa. My favourite is a nice creamy latte because it feels luxurious, like more of a treat, but a cup of tea goes down pretty well too. Anything that doesn't involve swigging it down quickly and burning the roof of my mouth as I run around getting the kids ready for school is a bonus in my world.

So now it's over to you, I want to hear how you spend your perfect 'me time' moments.


  1. Thanks for the mention Kate :)

    Evenings for me it's a dog walk over the common and once the chores are out of the way then my current read (like you, pure escapism).

    Weekends it's usually down to the beach (or anywhere really) with Pete and Taz after breakfast before I do the chores which actually makes me feel much more positive about doing them! I love to watch Once Upon a Time for chilling (almost finished the series though ...). A wine spritzer goes down well at the weekends :)

    Definitely need to take time out! x

    1. Sounds lovely Shaz, especially the beach visit after breakfast - you're so lucky to live so close!

      Thank you for sharing :)

    2. Never take it for granted Kate. It's amazing in all weathers. x

    3. I can imagine! Enjoy x


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