N's Poster

N loves to write, she's always coming up with stories, poems and songs. The other day she brought this to me and I was so proud, I think it's inspirational especially coming from a 9 year old (I've always said she's an old soul because she's wise beyond her years).

N's Poster

Never be afraid to show your inner rainbow.
Open your eyes and see more of the world.
Sing louder because you are great.
Sing your baby a lullaby because after all you have a lovely family.

Can you see what's happening and what it is, is love.
Always believe in your soul because that is where you become you.
If you feel down read this and it will cheer you up.
Look up when you don't feel confident and don't forget to smile when you do these.
Your colour will shine, so will you as your years pass.


I'm always telling the children to lift their heads up high even when they don't feel very confident and it's good to know that N has taken it on board. I've put the poster in pride of place on the wall of my office so it can make me smile every day!


  1. Kate, this is fabulous. So thoughtful and perceptive for a 9 year old. N is definitely an old soul.

    Thank you for sharing x x

    1. Thank you Shaz, hubby thinks I'm mad when I say she's an old soul so it's nice to have someone who agrees with me! x

  2. This is gorgeous and complete credit to you both for bringing her up to think and feel like this. It shows just what a wonderful job you have done to make your family the centre of everything important to her. :) xx

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, you've brought a tear to my eye! x


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