Stationery Wish List

A while ago I mentioned in a post (here) that I would be creating a wish list post of my favourite fab stationery finds.

After lots of searching I have finally found nine stationery products which I think would make great additions to my stash:

Stationery Wish List

1. Rainbow Washi Tape Pack from Eco Mailing Bags (£7.00) - Washi tape is a decorative paper tape that is made from rice paper. You can get all sorts of different colours and patterns making them a fantastic craft item.

2. Cupcakes Mechanical Pen from Paperchase (£2.50) - This is the perfect pen for me because it combines two things I love, pens and cupcakes! The best part about it is that it's refillable so I wouldn't have to throw away a pen I love.

3. Owl Sticky Notes and Tabs Set from The Works (99p) - As I've mentioned before, I'm a big fan of sticky notes and I love how cute these are.

4. Floral Magnetic List Pad from Paperchase (£5.00) - I write so many lists, there is no way I'd be able to function day-to-day without my lists so this pad is perfect for me. I love the little tick-boxes at the end of each line, it would give me great satisfaction to tick off each item as I go.

5. Truly Scrumptious Sticky Notes from The Works (£2.00) - Another set of adorable sticky notes, useful for lists, reminders etc. 

6. Geek Kitty A5 Ziplock Glitter Notebook from Paperchase (£7.50) - There's something about kittens in glasses that we in the V Family find incredibly cute so this would be a popular notebook in our house. On top of the kitten cuteness it's also glittery - bonus!

7. A6 Folded Cards and Envelopes from Paperchase (£4.00) - We always send note cards to family and friends as thank you notes from the children, I think these are so pretty and would be very well received.

8. Happy Veggies Felt A4 Document Wallet from Paperchase (£4.00) - I absolutely adore this alternative document wallet. I would be proud to carry my paperwork around in one of these.

9. Wooden Pencil Sharpener Desk Tidy from Paperchase (£17.50) - I've saved the best for last, this desk tidy is just brilliant and would look perfect on my desk - I love it!

Do you already own any of the items above? Or have you now added any of them to your own wish list?