The V Family Go Crabbing At Mudeford

Recently we had planned to go crabbing and when we woke up the weather was a bit grotty, but this didn't stop us (bad weather very rarely stops us from going out to have fun) so we packed up our gear and headed to Mudeford.


Mudeford Quay is an authentic working dock which means there is all sorts of fishing equipment lying around so you do need to be careful with little ones (something you'd do near the water anyway but it's an extra thing to watch out for). We kept E in her pushchair for as long as she would stay there and then we were up and about, following her around as she explored her surroundings.


She enjoyed watching T and N as they were crabbing while she was still in her pushchair.


Then she got up close and personal with some of T's crabs.


We had to buy an extra crabbing line from the little shop on the quay as we were one line short, N loves green so she was very pleased with it.

Crabbing line

We filled our net bags with bacon, this has always proved very popular with the crabs - they seem to love it and we always catch loads!


We seem to be a magnet for birds on our days out, there were lots of these little birds (if anyone knows the name of them feel free to share because I have no idea) bobbing around us. They were the main reason E wanted to get out of her pushchair - she wanted to chase them and had great fun doing so! 


The seagulls were also hanging around our crabbing lines.


Even though the weather wasn't great, we were lucky it didn't rain and we all enjoyed our day. Especially as we finished it off with a stop in Pizza Hut on the way home!

Does your family enjoy going crabbing too?


  1. LOVE Mudeford Kate. Used to go crabbing with the boys and on the river side, the boys used to go wading in there too.

    This photo was taken on the other side of Mudeford Quay. Hope you can access it!


    1. It's a great place when you have kids isn't it, so much to do! I can't see the photo, it says page not found :(

      Thank you for commenting x

    2. I've posted the photo to your FB page Kate. Hope that's ok x

    3. Of course! I'll go and take a look now :)


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