Weight Loss Month 5

Once again it's time for my monthly weigh-in. 

My eating habits have been very up and down this month, I've had days that I have stuck to my plan and days that I haven't. On the whole I don't think I've been really bad though and this reflects in this month's weight loss - 5lb!

This means my stats are now:

13lb lost.
18lb to go.

I'm so happy with this result because I'm still managing to lose weight without being super-strict about it. I definitely think losing weight slowly is the way to go.

I'd love to hear about your weight loss journey so feel free to share!


  1. Whoop de whoop! That's fab Kate.

    A long time ago someone tweeted (think it may have been Jonny Ross) that he weighed himself after a bath because he weighed less.

    Well ... I've weighed myself before and after a bath the last couple of weeks on two occasions. The first time I put on 5lb and last night I put on 3lb. Not sure what happens to me there ... I might just stick to showers hahaha.

    I agree with you on weight loss being slow. It should stay off then as well.


    1. Hahaha that's brilliant, mine would probably do the same! But I am tempted to try it :)

      Thanks for stopping by Shaz x


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