A Wet And Windy Joy Ride

One of the activities on our Summer Holidays Activities List was to go on a joy ride in the car. So last Sunday we decided to do this because it was raining and we all agreed that it's quite exciting being sat in the warm, dry car while it's raining outside!

I always enjoy our joy rides because it gives us all a chance to have a good chat with no distractions and this drive was no exception. We chatted, laughed and joked the whole time we were in the car and when E fell asleep we just toned it down a bit. This photo of N and E holding hands while she was asleep is my favourite from the journey.

We drove through small villages that I've never been to before, saw old fashioned telephone boxes, lots of wide open spaces, passed magnificent churches and drove underneath huge bridges. Please excuse the quality of the photos - the weather combined with a moving vehicle didn't allow for great photo-taking!

V Family Joy Ride

We came across lots of traffic lights, saw beautiful old trees, had amazing views of the rain falling over the hills and saw gorgeous cottages alongside fabulous modern homes. I just love seeing old and new together like that.

V Family Joy Ride

Driving through the countryside made us all feel closer to nature and when it was time to refuel the car, hubby and I also got to refuel with a lovely Costa latte! We found an incredibly steep zig-zaggy hill which was appropriately named 'Zig Zag Hill', it took us up to even more stunning views and we all agreed that the rain just made it look even more natural and pretty.

After a stop at Tesco for some sandwiches and crisps we headed home via the scenic route.

V Family Joy Ride

Considering it was a rainy day we all really enjoyed our joy ride. Before E went to sleep she was squealing with joy whenever she saw a particularly large tree or when the rain got really heavy and loudly hit her window.

Do you ever just jump in the car and go for a drive, with no specific place to go?


  1. Love this. x

    Funnily enough Kate, Pete and I were talking about this recently. When Pete was still at home in Berkshire and spending weekends with me, we used to jump into my car and just go. No plans. No destination in mind. Had some fabulous days out. We're hoping to be a bit more spontaneous ...

    I remember Zig Zag hill being part of cycling training (not for us!).

    You've inspired me :)

    1. That's lovely to hear Shaz! Sometimes it's those spontaneous trips that can end up being the most fun, I wonder if it's because there are no expectations involved?

      There was a cyclist at the bottom of Zig Zag Hill, just about to head up it in the rain! Not something I'd be brave enough to do, although I might give the downhill route a go :D

      Thanks for stopping by x

    2. Expectations - such a loaded word :) No doubt that's it Kate.

      Downhill would be fun ... x


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