Chicago Town Pizza Melt Review

The V Family all love pizzas and Chicago Town is a well known name in our household so when we were asked to try some of their new range and share our opinions we jumped at the chance.

Today I am sharing our thoughts on their new Pizza Melt which is basically a pizza that looks like a burger!

The Pizza Melt

This is a brand new pizza concept, even the checkout lady at the supermarket commented on how different it was. 

There are two different flavours (Meat Supreme and Pepperoni) and this is where the problem lies for the V Family - there is no Cheese and Tomato which is our favourite! Hubby did suggest that in future we could buy two packs and put two tops together and two bottoms together so one would be Cheese and Tomato and the other would be a really Meaty Supreme.


The Meat Supreme Pizza Melt is a meaty revelation. Topped with Edam and Cheddar Cheese, Pepperoni, Smoky Bacon, Smoked Ham and Mushroom, it comes out top for anyone suffering from lunchtime hunger.

There is one Pizza Melt per pack, it comes in halves for cooking in the oven.

The Pizza Melt

There was plenty of toppings but could have done with a bit more cheese for our liking. We left it in the oven for about 15 minutes and it came out a little well done so next time we'll aim for the 11 minutes that it says to cook it for on the box!

The Pizza Melt

Overall we agreed that this was a tasty snack and we loved how the burger bun made it so easy to handle.


The Pepperoni Pizza Melt on the other hand is a classic combination that is sure to satisfy your pizza cravings. Simply Edam and Cheddar Cheese, Pepperoni and Chicago Town's classic Tomato Sauce served on a delicious Burger Bun, there's not much that can top it.

Chicago Town Pepperoni Pizza Melt

For more information on the Chicago Town range, visit and to join in with all the action visit the Chicago Town Facebook page where you'll find the latest news, promotions and giveaways -  

Have you tried a Chicago Town Pizza Melt yet?

We received vouchers so that we could try these products for review purposes. I am always honest in my reviews and all opinions are my own or that of my family.


  1. Great review Kate.

    TBH, we make our own (cheese and tom the favourite) so probably wouldn't buy it. I do love Chicago Town products though.

    1. Cheese and tomato is definitely the best! These pizza melts really have the novelty factor for us :)

      Thanks for commenting x


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