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Before E came along we went on lots of family bike rides, we love cycling as a family both at home and on holiday. T and N are always keen to go for a bike ride and will usually be found looking for the biggest hills to cycle up and then down again. I must admit that feeling of the wind in my hair as I race downhill makes the uphill climb totally worth it!


Once E made her appearance we had a little post-baby break from cycling but recently we dusted off our bikes and got back on the road (or dirt track depending on where we go).

Cycling away from home is an amazing experience for all the family and is something we often try to incorporate into our holidays. I love the thrill of discovering new and exciting areas of your holiday destination that you just wouldn't find if you were travelling in a car. 


So far we've only cycled on UK holidays (the Lake District and Devon etc) but when I found out that James Villa Holidays had come up with a series of infographics about cycling in Europe, the idea of a European family cycling holiday really got in my head.

Regardless of your preference or proficiency, they have created a new interactive guide to help you find your ideal cycling holiday! Over the next few weeks they will be sharing 15 different routes, across 5 popular tourist destinations: Algarve, Cyprus, Mallorca, Menorca and Lanzarote.

James Villas Cycling Holidays

The first guide to be released is Cycling In The Algarve: Nature Lovers Choice. Our family all enjoy nature and beautiful scenery so I think these routes would be great for us - particularly the beginners route for two main reasons:
  1. It passes golf courses which would please hubby, T and N who are all golf mad!
  2. Being the beginners route, it is shorter and therefore better to do with three children.
Reason number two raises a good point about planning routes that will suit all abilities in your group. Former Commonwealth, Olympic and World road race champion – Nicole Cooke MBE has discussed this and other top tips in her Guide To A Cycling Holiday.  

She has also shared her early holiday cycling memories:

“Some of my favourite holidays have been inspired by cycling from my childhood holidays exploring the Devon countryside on a tandem with everything packed into the saddlebags for our two week trip to holidays in the French Alps geared around doing as much riding as possible over the highest roads in Europe mixed with some sightseeing and sunbathing in between.”

Keep an eye on all my social media channels over the coming weeks because I will be sharing each holiday cycling guide as it is released (I have a feeling they will all convince me that we need to visit)! Alternatively you can find the guides for yourself on the James Villas blog.


What kind of cyclists are you and your family? Do you enjoy cycling holidays? Have you cycled abroad or would you like to? As always I'd love to hear from you.

This blog post is in collaboration with James Villa Holidays.


  1. Apart from my exercise bike Kate I haven't cycled for a long time. Sam cycles at Uni (left his bike there with a friend over summer until his return end of August). I have to admit that a cycling holiday doesn't appeal although I can see the attraction!

    Happy cycling x

    1. It's a great way to see different parts of your holiday location, and it tires the kids out nicely ;)

      Thanks for commenting Shaz x


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