Enquiring Minds No.8

It's been a while but once again it's time for my regular feature, Enquiring Minds, a series which celebrates the wonderful workings of my children's minds. You can find all my 'Enquiring Minds' posts here.

Recently we've had a lot of 'would you rather be' questions from N, some of these have been rather random like "would you rather be a door or a picture frame?". It's not always easy to come up with an answer to things like this (I don't particularly want to be either) but we always humour her and she seems happy with our responses.

Anyway, here are some of the questions we've been asked since the last post:
  1. Do scarecrows work on cats?
  2. What does demented mean?
  3. Can you get lost in an open space?
  4. How quickly does the earth spin?
  5. What would happen if the earth got sucked into a black hole?
  6. Is Big Foot real?
  7. Why are people on earth?
Number 3 was an interesting one, my first reaction was "no, of course you can't" but then I actually stopped to think about it and realised that yes, you could get lost in an open space if its big enough. This led to N coming up with all sorts of open spaces where you could get lost!

Have your children asked any intriguing questions recently? I'd love to hear about them.


  1. Kids and children... they ask questions thinking adults know everything and some questions makes one stunned!

    1. It's great when your children think you know everything, it's kind of sad once they get older and they realise we don't actually have all the answers! We've had some very surprising questions in the past but it's all good fun and I love all the randomness :)

      Thank you for stopping by.

  2. Great random questions for an adult party Kate ;)

    I don't think eldest has ever thought we knew it all - he always knew the answer and it wasn't the one we gave him haha.

    I love this feature. Thank you x

    1. Lol I love that Shaz, mine have grown to think they know it all - your eldest was obviously an early starter :D

      They really would be good questions for an adult party, great idea!

      Thanks for commenting x


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