How To Make A Headband Holder

If you have a daughter, it's quite likely you've experienced this:

Pile of Headbands

N has always had a thing about headbands and over the years we've built up a rather large collection (the above photo is only about half of what she has). Each one is special to her because they remind her of places we've been to buy them and the places she has worn them. This means she is reluctant to part with any, even the ones that have seen better days and could do with a trip to the bin!

Anyway, we decided we needed somewhere to keep all her headbands because a pile just wasn't working, not to mention the fact it was taking over my office. So I came up with a cheap and easy way to store them and here's how I did it...

1. First I got an old wrapping paper tube and, using some double sided tape to make it look neater, I taped a small piece of the wrap around it. N chose pink because at that time it was her favourite colour - since then it's changed to purple, then green and now orange.

2. Next I threaded some string through the tube and made loops at each end for hanging.

3. I put two hooks underneath the cupboard in my office, measuring the distance between them so the tube would hang nicely, and hooked each of the loops onto them. This is what you should have so far:

Headband Holder

4. Now for the fun (and tricky) part - putting the headbands on. The reason this can be tricky is because the tube sometimes wobbles as you're putting them on so you need a steady hand, especially with any bands that have big chunky bows/jewels/flowers on them. You also need to be careful when removing them or you'll end up with an avalanche of headbands!

The finished look will be something like this:

Headband Holder

I think it looks pretty and is a great way to display some of the lovely headbands N has. It also makes choosing which one to wear easier because she can see them more clearly.

Does your daughter have a collection of headbands? How do you store yours?


  1. Now with two boys this has never been a problem for me Kate :)

    Fabulous idea.

    ps I am totally with N on not throwing those memories away. Well, not just yet anyway

    1. Haha no it's not something you have to worry about with boys, although poor T has had a headband or two put on him over the years :D

      Thanks for commenting x

  2. What a brilliant idea. We haven't quite reached the headband stage yet but will have to remember this one for when we do! :-)

    1. Once it starts it never seems to stop, you'll be buying headbands from all sorts of places!

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting :)


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