Mummy V's Blogger Interviews - Nischal Gurung From Blaber Blogger

For today's interview I'm delighted to welcome Nischal Gurung from Blaber Blogger.

Do you have a friend who always has something or the other to talk about? Someone who is never out of words to speak in any topic you're talking about? In short, do you know anyone who can Blaber words from his mouth anytime and everytime? Well, I am that guy, Blaber Blogger.

Hello, MY NAME IS NISCHAL GURUNG. I am a hotelier by profession who is currently based in the hills of Darjeeling, India, who loves to travel, eat, talk and write and of course BLOG.


  • Blaber Blogger has no particular niche and its basically on everything I can relate my life with like travel, food, music, movies, social issues, internet, the randomness I come up with and weird stuffs happening in the world that always attracts my attention.
  • I love traveling and doing the weird adventures while I travel.
  • I am the kind of guy you would see grabbing a bite of the chicken roll at midnight in the street or enjoying a large chocolate sundae in a chilly winter day.
  • The amount of random movie knowledge I have may scare you.
  • I like beaches, pizzas and small animals who are nice.
  • My biggest fear? My biggest fear would be turning into an inanimate object.
  • No one has tried to ... stab me... That’s  so cool because I plan on not being stabbed.

Hi Nischal Gurung,

Why did you start blogging?

I always was very passionate about writing and sharing my thought and ideas with people. Being a total internet junkie, few years ago, an idea just struck my mind to start blogging so that I could connect to a lot of people and get a perfect platform to voice my thoughts and ideas and that’s how it started.

What do you hope readers will get out of your blog?

Various things. I don’t follow a particular niche when it comes to blogging and I basically blog on various topics particularly the ones which I am interested in and have some knowledge about. So I make a point that my readers get a lot of things from my blog posts, whether be in a good laugh from a funny post, some helpful knowledge from a how-to post or a great insight from a movie or music review.

How has blogging enhanced your life?

I never quite realized this but blogging enhanced my life in so many ways in so many levels. Blogging is not just about posting articles and information to the readers but you actually tend to learn a lot when blogging. Whether be it from the feedback in your blogs, researches you do or experiences you have for a blog post, blogging makes you, not just a writer who writes for the internet but a constant learner, and the process of learning has been continuous for me and this has made my life a lot better. Plus blogging has made me try out so many new things, venture into areas different from my comfort zone yet fun and opt for things I never thought I would be able to do. Blogging keeps my confidence and motivation level elevated.

Brilliant answer, I completely agree! Do you follow a plan when you are writing a blog post or do you let the words guide you?

I don’t follow a specific plan as such when writing a blog post. When I have some ideas in my mind, I just turn on my computer and start typing and swim along with the flow of words. But yes I make sure I keep the layout of the post, the headlines, the body, the points, all properly management and formatted.

Do you enjoy the photography side of blogging?

I have never been great at photography but blogging has inspired me to venture into this field as well and I am completely enjoying it. I use a simple point and shoot digital camera or my phone’s camera and take pictures of places wherever I travel, or food from restaurants I eat or anything I see around out the blue and its really fun sharing those pictures in my blog with relevant posts.

Which of your blog posts is your favourite and why?

Favorite? Hmmm there are many. I recently wrote a blog post titled, ’10 Reasons You Should Visit Nepal: Even After The Earthquake’ ( and the post went completely viral and a lot of people appreciated for how my simple blog post helped people to gain information that Nepal was safe and needed tourists to visit in order to recover from the Earthquake disaster. This is the best part I love about blogging, for I am able to help a lot of people by just posting information and sharing it to my readers.
If I have to name another post I would say the post titled, ’10 Types of People You Come Across in Instagram’( where I have described 10 types of people in Instagram making it a mix of humor and information and using the photos of 10 Instagram users who are personally my friends and it was a fun post, which was fun for me to make as a blogger and luckily fun for my readers to read as well.

If you could travel anywhere in the world to do research for a blog post where would it be?

Oh so many places to name that I could actually write a blog post about the list of places I would travel to research for a blog post. But I have to name, I always wanted to travel to New Zealand and experience the Kiwi culture and lifestyle, travel to amazing places around there like Queenstown, Roturua, Auckland and Christchurch and write blog posts about it. I would also wanted to live in a giant city like New York City for instance and experience the big city life and I would definitely have tons of blog post ideas and information flowing from the living in New York experience.

Paperback or eBook?

I have been reading a lot of eBooks lately due to its convenience and easy availability but I would always prefer PaperBack to eBook anyways.

Listener or talker?

I named my blog Blaber Blogger for the very fact that I have always been a big blaber mouth who loves talking so yes I am very much of a talker but again I am also a good listener. And the same is it with blogging, I am a writer and a reader. So, I am not sure if I can say this but I would say BOTH, listener and talker.

Any last words for your readers?

I am so grateful to all my readers from various parts of the world who have been the key reason that keeps me so motivated and inspired to do more things with my blog. I would love it if I get more feedbacks from my readers whether it is via blog comments or through my social media connections. I would really like to know more about how my readers feel and what would they want me to improve and I would be more than happy to have any readers who have suggestions and ideas so please do shower me with some.


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