Now You're a Parent, When Do You Do It?

Doing it, it's what got us all into this parenting thing in the first place. But once your bouncing babies have arrived, how do you fit in some bouncing of your own?

Babies can be rather unreliable and have been known to wake up at the most inconvenient of moments, namely right in the middle of the deed. But a baby won't know what you're doing anyway, so if cherub isn't too distressed and the moment hasn't been completely killed you could carry on and quickly finish what you were doing.

Obviously I don't need to mention the impossibility of achieving any kind of bedtime activity when there is a one-year-old lying in between you both, so a good lesson here is to make sure they sleep in their own bed!

The major problems start as the child gets older and when 'child' becomes 'children'. Your biggest fear is that they will hear you or, even worse, walk in on you because as they grow up they begin to understand that you're not actually just having cuddles. That side of life becomes even more difficult when they have had 'the talk' at school because then you feel paranoid that they're listening out for 'doing it' noises through the wall.

So what do you do? You stay up later and later until you can't stay awake any later and then you fall asleep - passionate evening over, the end. When you do manage to get some action you then spend the rest of the night worrying that one of them was only pretending to be asleep and that they heard everything. You even check their faces in the morning to make sure they're not giving you disgusted looks.

So now this is where things get desperate and you find yourself waking up for 'it' when hubby comes in from his night shift at 2am (hey, at least the kids will definitely be asleep at that time), or even setting an alarm for sometime during the safe zone - any time past midnight but before 6am. 

Sometimes mums and dads, you've just got to get it whenever you can! 

And on that note, all you parents out there, when do you do it?


  1. It was easier when the boys were younger because the house wasn't full of people and not so many sleepovers .. Would be good for the boys to have sleepovers at other houses but for some reason, they come here. Oh and we didn't have a dog back then either :) Not sure you ever recover the spontaneity tbh - even if you're away on your own for a weekend, the expectation to perform is there.

    1. Haha so typical that you ended up with most of the sleepovers being at yours, I'm dreading those days when they have more friends hanging around - I guess it won't be too much longer before T starts all that.

      Thank you for commenting x


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