Tangle Angel Xtreme Review

If you're a regular reader of V Family Fun you'll know that I won a fantastic set of detangling hairbrushes from a Twitter giveaway run by @TangleAngel.

Tangle Angel Prize

I reviewed the Tangle Angel brush here and the Tangle Cherub and Tangle Angel Baby here so now I'm going to share my thoughts on the Tangle Angel Xtreme which is all mine!

Tangle Angel Xtreme

As with all the brushes in the Tangle Angel range, I absolutely love the design! I also really like the fact that the bristles are antibacterial because it means I can brush my hair without worrying about the germs that might be on it (I can be a little germophobic about certain things).

Tangle Angel Xtreme

This particular brush has been specifically designed for mega tangles and hair extensions. I don't have hair extensions but I do get mega tangles, especially when my hair is wet, and this brush has solved the problem completely for me. It glides through my wet hair detangling and smoothing my hair as it goes.

Tangle Angel Xtreme

As well as tangles, my hair also suffers from some serious static issues when it's dry. I was hoping this brush would solve the problem for me but sadly, as I brushed my dry hair, it still had a flyaway effect (not quite as much as other brushes have caused though). So this gorgeous hairbrush has officially become my favourite brush for wet hair!

What do you think of the Tangle Angel design? Do you have any tips for static hair? As always I'd love to hear from you.


  1. Great review Kate.

    My hair goes wild and wavy in humidity and I use a serum but I'm fortunate not to have static hair ... but certain clothes/footwear connecting to different types of flooring can give me static! And then I shock everyone I touch hahaha

    Haven't had that for a while though to be honest.

    Good luck in finding anything that will work for you x

    1. Haha static is terrible when the kids have been on the trampoline, they think it's funny to touch you as they jump out so you get a shock!

      Thanks for stopping by x


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