The End Of Another School Year

It's that time of year again when mums and dads all over the country breathe a sigh of relief as they realise they have a six week break from the school run. Children also breathe a sigh of relief as they hang up their ties and look forward to the weeks ahead.

For parents who work, the summer holidays can raise all sorts of childcare problems but for those of us at home it means one thing - time! Time to get dressed in the morning, time to go out without worrying about rushing back for the school run, time to do all the things you want to do as a family. I love not being tied to a clock during the day and I always make the most of it by fitting in as much as possible.

This year we have an added bonus - hubby has a new job where, at the moment, he's working nights and because he wakes up around 10am it means we can be together as a family more than ever! 

While I'm looking forward to all the fun and games that the summer holidays bring, I also want to reflect on the school year that has passed...

To be quite honest I spent last years summer holidays in a panic, T was getting ready to start Secondary School and it scared the life out of me. It seems that everything T does is so much scarier than when N does it, probably because he's our first child and that means it's all so new and different.

He has survived Year 7 though and has done amazingly well to achieve each of the targets he was set at the beginning of the year, even gaining higher than expected marks in some subjects.

School Progress

This has been the year that T finally joined in with after-school clubs, something he has never been interested in before. He joined the Warhammer club and also does boxercise after school where he has worked really hard (he's actually starting to build up some serious muscles), it's paid off because he won two medals for it this year.

Boxercise Medals

There have been a couple of bumps in the road (fall outs with friends and a lunchtime detention for not paying attention in PE) but otherwise it's been a really successful year, made even better by his psoriasis clearing up and leaving him more confident than ever!

So, even though I still can't quite believe he's going to be a Year 8 in September, I feel much more relaxed about it.

N has sailed through Year 4, her report was super with her achieving above the national average in all subjects. N really pays attention in class, she always puts everything into her work and this lead to her being described as a 'highly engaged' pupil. Cue smiley mummy face!

Year 4 Report

She was elected by her class to represent them as 'School Councillor' and this was a very proud moment for us because she had really wanted to take on that important role.

Her gymnastics has been going great this year and it's even better that she's doing it at her own pace. She also won two medals - firstly for her part in a local group competition, her school Year 3/4 team came 1st and got a gold medal. This meant that they qualified to represent our borough in the Hampshire Games where the team went on to win 3rd place and a bronze medal in that competition!

Gymnastics Medals

She's also had her fair share of fall outs with friends but by the end of the year (as always) everyone had sorted out their differences and left Year 4 as friends.

It seems strange that my little girl will be in the upper phase of Junior School but it's also exciting to see what she can achieve as she moves through the school.

Overall it's been a great school year for us, I literally couldn't be more proud of T and N and all they've achieved.

Do you like to think back on the year gone by? Or do you just like to look ahead at what's to come?


  1. Lots to celebrate with T and N. Congratulations to them both Kate.

    I think when your children are younger, it's important to reflect because then you can let go and move forward into a new cycle (it worked for me!).

    I do enjoy writing in Y6 memory books, reflecting back on how much they have matured and their achievements and also wishing them luck in secondary school.

    In my job I'm reflecting all the time ... that went well or what can I do to change it to make it better. Also on a personal level. What did I promise myself I would do but haven't or what can I do to move forward towards my goals.

    Enjoy the holidays with your family Kate. xx

    1. Thank you Shaz, I agree that in order to move forward you sometimes need to reflect. It must be lovely and sad all at the same time when the Year 6's are going on to secondary school.

      I hope you enjoy the holidays too Shaz! x

    2. I cried during celebration assembly but didn't have the chance at graduation as spent the time before straightening their caps and welcoming parents but didn't stay for the service itself (just as well really). And then I cried again at the end of the day with all the hugs and tears from Y6 and parents it's hard not to! Takes a while for the emotions to sort themselves out ...

    3. That sounds so emotional, no wonder it takes a while to settle afterwards. Lots of PJ days are clearly in order x


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