The V Family's List Of Activities For The Summer Holidays

Every Year T and N come up with a list of activities that they'd like to do during the school holidays, we do our best to fit them all in but most of the time there are a few left over when they go back to school. 

Summer Holidays Activities

This year the list is particularly long...
  1. Swimming
  2. Ice-skating
  3. Bake cookies
  4. Have a party
  5. Moors Valley Country Park
  6. Visit a farm
  7. Visit a zoo
  8. Have a barbecue
  9. Go boating
  10. Go to the beach
  11. Visit a theme park
  12. Beaulieu  
  13. Go to the cinema
  14. Go cycling
  15. Spinnaker Tower
  16. Golf
  17. Visit a castle
  18. Play tennis
  19. Indoor camping/outdoor camping
  20. Go crabbing
  21. Visit a river (for N's homework)
  22. Visit Sir Harold Hillier Gardens
  23. Have a PJ day
  24. Have a pamper day (nail painting, face masks, hair braiding etc) - this one is just for the girls!
  25. Go rock climbing
  26. Treerunners
  27. Go on a train ride
  28. Visit an aquarium
  29. Go for a joy ride in the car
  30. Bowling
  31. Visit an ice-cream parlour
  32. Have a movie day
  33. Spend a day in the garden
  34. Go to a restaurant
  35. Visit family members
  36. Have a silly day
  37. Have a family Olympics day
  38. Go fruit picking
  39. Climb trees in the forest
  40. Go for a walk in the New Forest
  41. Have a craft day
  42. Go to the theatre
  43. Watch a football match on TV/in person
  44. Visit a museum
  45. Have a random day out (see where the car takes us)
  46. Go fishing
  47. Visit the Winchester Science Centre
Phew, it's exhausting just typing it up! 

I love the fact that they've chosen some free/cheap activities as well as the expensive ones, this definitely makes the list more achievable for us.

As you can see we've already managed to do a few of the activities and I'm planning to pop back every now and then to cross off even more - who knows, we might even complete the list this year.

Do you make an activities list for the summer holidays? I'd love to hear about it.


  1. Love the variety Kate.

    Before we booked a week away, we were going to have 2 weeks staycation and I asked everyone to make a list of what they wanted to do. Apart from 19yo wanting to go to Monkey World, ZILCH. My list has lots on ...

    Enjoy x

    1. Haha, typical! Monkey World is a good choice though. I must admit, the idea of everyone following a list I wrote is quite appealing - I didn't have a say in any of the above :D

      Thanks for commenting x

    2. They had their choice ... hahaha

    3. Haha brilliant! Enjoy x


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