V Family Top 5 Subjects At School

All families have their favourite things and the V Family are no different, so over the coming weeks I'm sharing some of our top 5 lists with you.

To get the following results everyone (except E of course) sat down and wrote our favourites on a piece of paper, then we allocated points according to position in the top 5 and added them up to find our winners.

We have so many conversations about school in our house - the things we did (all those years ago) and the things the children do now. So we decided to find out which subjects would be in our top 5 and here are the results:
  1. English/Literacy
  2. Maths
  3. Art
  4. IT/CS
  5. Drama
It's funny how the names of some subjects have changed over the years, hubby and I always called computer classes IT but for our children it's either ICT or Computer Studies (CS). N's school calls it Literacy instead of English and she always gets huffy with me when I get it wrong! 

There was lots of variation with this top 5, our family clearly favour very different subjects. I was surprised that Maths didn't come top of the list because everyone in our house is really good at it, except me that is, I've always been better with words. Numbers just confuse me. 

Which school subject was your favourite? Does it match up with your children's favourite?


  1. Interesting Kate ...

    English was mine and both the boys found it easy too. I was the top 'speller' in my primary school. I remember in what is now Year 2 the head taking me out into the corridor as she just didn't believe I was using the words and spelling them in my writing. I didn't know that at the time though and I was scared stiff hahaha The words got harder and harder ... and harder and harder. It was just something that came naturally to me. I had an affinity with words :)

    Maths was the pits at school. I did everything I could to be kicked out of maths. Love the way learning is delivered now (I easily passed my Maths L2. Such a shock as my mindset was I can't do this - experienced first hand the barriers we put up to learning). We learnt from text books ...

    1. Aww I would've been scared stiff at that age too Shaz! I completely agree about putting barriers up when we think we can't do something, I'm terrible for it, I know I'm doing it too. Thank you for sharing this x


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