Warhammer - Venturing Into The Unknown

Warhammer was always a bit of a mystery to me so when T came home from school a couple of months ago raving about how cool it was, I admit that my heart sank a little. Hubby and I had absolutely no experience with Warhammer and T only knew a few things that his friend had told him so I had a feeling we'd soon be dipping our toes into a very big, very unfamiliar pool.

After a quick (confusing) look online we figured the best place to start would be our nearest Games Workshop store so off we went with no idea what was about to hit us. The store was full of people, painting figures and chatting away, it was more like a social gathering than a shop - T loved it! We were greeted by a very enthusiastic man who, once we told him T was a complete beginner, happily took him off to have a go at painting and to find out which sets he would be interested in. T liked the look of the Warhammer 40k figures so that's what he went for.

Warhammer 40k

After he'd had a go at painting (he got to take that figure home for free) and had taken part in his very first battle, we had a look at the sets available to buy. T went for the Dark Vengeance set and because he had no paints, clippers, glue, brushes and undercoat spray we bought that too. It cost well over £100 so this is not something to consider if you're looking for a cheap hobby.

Since that day he has joined the Warhammer after-school club and he really enjoys making, painting and battling with his collection.


His painting has improved with every figure he completes and he is gradually learning the rules of battling, there are loads of rules though so I have a feeling it will take quite a while for him to learn everything. You can get huge books detailing all the rules but at the moment he's using the quick reference guide that was included in the Dark Vengeance set. He's also been talking about getting a codex so that he knows all the stats for the new figures he bought (they're called Khorne Chaos Demons apparently).


Yes, he's already been buying additional collections, even though he hasn't quite finished painting the first ones yet! We discovered that our local toy shop has a pretty good selection of Warhammer and all the accessories so he's pleased that we have somewhere closer to go to stock up. 

We've found that he doesn't use a huge amount of glue and paint, I suppose this is because the figures are fairly small, so although everything seems expensive, it does last quite a while. 


Once we knew he'd be wanting to take his figures to school for the club, we decided to buy him a solid case so he could transport them safely. We bought this case from Ebay where there is a huge variety of Warhammer goodies you can buy and usually at lower prices.

Warhammer Carry Case

It seems that this is a hobby which will grow with T because it isn't something that is restricted to children, there are tons of grown ups who collect and battle these little figures - even the caretaker at T's school goes along to the club! 

It's great from a parents point of view because it's creative, he's making something that he can be proud of and isn't just sat watching a TV screen with a games controller in his hand (he does that too but this new hobby has majorly cut down his screen time). The figures take quite a while to finish and I love it when he proudly shows me the figures at each stage:
  • Building the figure
  • Spraying it with undercoat
  • Painting the base coat
  • Painting the detail
  • Adding shade (a crafty way of bringing out more detail on the figure)


Another great thing about him collecting Warhammer is that he's made lots of new friends, all with the same interests, I feel like he's found his 'people'.

I may not understand most of what T tells me when he's talking about it but I love his enthusiasm and that is why I'm giving this Warhammer world a big thumbs up!


  1. Bit of a mystery to me too Kate. We don't allow anything like this at school as it causes us so many problems (swapping and borrowing). I haven't heard Warhammer for ages! It's all been Minecraft ...

    I love that he might have found his people :)

    Thank you for sharing.x

    1. As far as I know they don't swap/borrow Warhammer but I might be wrong as we're still quite new to it all. T's primary school banned lots of collectables (cards etc) for the same reason but since he's been in secondary school none of them want to do that kind of thing anyway, thank goodness!

      Thanks for commenting x

  2. My brother was so into this when we were kids his whole room was full of these little detailed men/monsters/figure that he was constantly painting!! lol! .. xx

    1. Lol that sounds very familiar! They really are amazingly detailed little figures aren't they.

      Thank you for commenting :)


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