You're A Mum, Not Superwoman...

So just relax and enjoy it!

Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves to be the perfect parent? We try to achieve a million things each and every day and do all of it perfectly, with a smile on our faces, perfect hair, perfect clothes and not a single drop of perspiration to show for it.

Ha, are you laughing? Because I am! The reality is often far from that perfect ideal but that's okay too you know and here's why:

My children know I love them, they're not worried if I haven't put a bra on all day or if we don't have to go out so I deliberately stay in my PJ's for twenty-four hours.

They really don't care if the TV has grubby little fingerprints all over it and a dusty base. Nor do they care if the washing pile is ignored and the clean clothes not put away.

Clothes Pile

It doesn't matter to them if I don't quite get round to emptying the recycling bin and it looks like a mountain of cardboard and empty bottles has taken over our kitchen. They're not even bothered if I don't empty the dishwasher!

They certainly couldn't care less if I haven't hoovered or picked up their toys.


The fact is, there are times when it's far more important to spend time with your family and it's those moments that matter most to children. Those are the things they will remember as they grow up, not how untidy your house was!

Sometimes it's easy to forget that all children want and need is your time, love and attention, especially when you're busy trying to provide the perfect living environment for them. But the sad truth is that they grow up and away from you far too quickly (as I am discovering with T and N) so you need to embrace and treasure every moment with them.

So next time you feel guilty about letting things slide a bit, about not being perfect, just remember that as long as you're showing your children love then you're doing okay - you're a mum, not superwoman after all!


  1. Totally agree Kate. I've never been a housework person (such a thankless task) and even now the boys are older, I still don't have much time to get the duster out. Always something more interesting to do :)

    1. Exactly! I got myself all stressed out recently trying to do everything so I had to remind myself I wasn't superwoman and sometimes hoovering can wait until after the school run ;)

      Thanks for commenting x


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