A V Family Party

When T and N were writing their Summer Holidays Activity List N got it into her head that she wanted to have a family party, for no particular reason, she just wanted to have a party! So we invited my parents over (we couldn't have a party without Nanny and Grandad), turned the music up and had some fun.

We began with a table of treats so we'd have lots of energy for party games and dancing:

A V Family Party

Next came our first party game which involved putting a mound of flour on a plate and a couple of chocolate buttons on top. We took it in turns to scrape away the flour without making the buttons fall but eventually N knocked them off so, as the loser, she had to get the buttons out of the flour using nothing but her mouth.

Needless to say she ended up with flour all over her face and because it looked like so much fun we all had a go - floury faces all round!

A V Family Party

Apple bobbing was the next party game. T doesn't like apples so he's usually very reluctant to take part but this time he gave it a good go (yes, he was wearing a monkey onesie) and managed to catch an apple! Even E played this game, although her method was to pick one out with her hand and drop it on N's head when she was bobbing for her apple.

A V Family Party

Finally we played musical bumps and statues followed by some crazy dancing and E's version of a handstand. This exhausted the monkey so much he ended up in a heap on the floor. There was a lot of movement which made it difficult to get a good photo.

A V Family Party

So that was our little party, we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the children were nice and tired afterwards, the perfect result!

Do you ever just have a party for the sake of having a party? 


  1. Oh this looks absolute fun Kate. The apple bobbing reminded me of Halloween parties with all the boys friends coming to ours.

    I'm sure if I said to the boys we were going to be doing all your fun stuff they would say yes :D 22 and 19 ... you can still let the inner child out :D

    1. Haha oh definitely, that's another great thing about having children - you have a good excuse to do all the silly things you used to do when you were a child :D

      You should have an impromptu party Shaz, including party games!

      Thanks for commenting x


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