Enquiring Minds No.9

Once again it's time for my regular feature, Enquiring Minds, a series which celebrates the wonderful workings of my children's minds. You can find all my 'Enquiring Minds' posts here.

This post is dedicated to all the 'would you rather' questions that my children come out with...
  1. Would you rather be an ice cube or lava from a volcano?
  2. Would you rather be a cockroach or a flamingo?
  3. Would you rather be an eyeball or a butt cheek?
  4. Would you rather be Australian or Japanese?
  5. Would you rather be a tortoise or an eel?
  6. Would you rather be blue or purple?
  7. Would you rather be a fish or a donkey?
  8. Would you rather be the sun or the moon?
  9. Would you rather do maths or literacy?
  10. Would you rather be a picture frame or a camera?
I always try to consider these questions and give a good answer but when number 3 came out I couldn't help but laugh - it's my favourite question ever!! I'm pretty sure I ended up saying I'd rather be an eyeball because who would want to be a butt cheek? Ha ha.

Have your children asked any intriguing or funny questions recently? I'd love to hear about them.


  1. hahahahahahaha LOVE these. The stage of opposites :) I guess an eyeball has more to do than a butt cheek Kate. Just love these questions. Thanks for sharing. x

    1. Haha you make a very good point about the eyeball and a butt cheek, I didn't think of that :) The questions certainly get more interesting as they get older!

      Thanks for commenting x


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