New Forest Adventures

Another item on the kids Summer Holidays Activities List was to go to the New Forest. On this particular day we were looking for some free fun as we'd already spent lots of money that week so it was the perfect activity for us!

The great thing about this kind of day out is that we can take Flint with us so it feels like a complete family trip. 

V Family in the New Forest

One of T and N's favourite things to do in the forest is climb trees so they were immediately on the lookout for suitable trees.

V Family in the New Forest

E was quite happy playing with pine cones until she realised what the others were doing and then she just had to join in with the tree climbing!

V Family in the New Forest

N used an old log as a gymnastic beam and T used fallen branches to make a wooden house.

V Family in the New Forest

Of course, E couldn't let N do something that she hadn't tried so she also went on the log beam! She loved collecting stones and leaves too, it seems that our little girl loves having dirty hands - something the older two were never keen on.

V Family in the New Forest

N found a stick big enough to use as a walking stick and E had a great time playing with the dusty stones. Flint was also quite keen on the dust and couldn't resist rolling in it - lets just say he was no longer black by the time we got in the car.

V Family in the New Forest

We returned home happily exhausted from our trip to the New Forest, the kids were full of tales about the trees they climbed and the things they'd seen - overall it was a successful day out!

Have you been to the New Forest? Or is it somewhere you'd like to visit? I'd love to hear from you.


  1. Love the photos Kate.

    When we were away, Alfie wanted to do a forest walk but we didn't see any near us. We did part of the Exe Estuary Trail but it's not the same!


    1. It's a shame you didn't manage to find one, I love walking in the forest - it's so peaceful yet so alive!

      Thanks for commenting x


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