Our Visit To Longdown Activity Farm

One of the activities on the kids Summer Holidays Activities List was to go to Longdown Activity Farm in Ashurst, New Forest. We hadn't been there since T and N were small but seeing as E is so crazy about animals we thought we'd revisit. 

What I love most about Longdown is the hands-on aspect, the children can mingle with the animals and help take care of them as though they were real farmers! Throughout the day there is a schedule of feeding and handling times.


E was asleep when we first got there so she missed the calf feeding.

Calves At Longdown
Calves At Longdown

She woke up just in time for the goat kid feeding though!

Goat Kids At Longdown
Goat Kid Feeding At Longdown

They all tried their hand at milking the pretend cows.

Milking Cows At Longdown
Milking Cows At Longdown

The trampoline barn gave them a chance to burn off some energy.

Trampoline Barn At Longdown

T and N thoroughly enjoyed collecting eggs from the hen houses.

Collecting Eggs At Longdown

They took their eggs to the gift shop and got stickers in return.

Longdown Sticker

Hand washing is an important part of the day and these stations are situated all over the farm.

Hand Washing At Longdown

The baby animal encounter was a big hit with all three children, E just loved getting her hands on these little cuties!

Rabbit At Longdown
Chicks At Longdown
Goat Kid At Longdown

After a picnic lunch, the kids played in the park. E always prefers to walk up the slide instead of sliding down it.

Longdown Park
Playing In The Park At Longdown

Feeding the pigs was a noisy event, E loved it and was squealing along with them. 

Feeding The Pigs At Longdown

Then it was time to go on the bumpy tractor ride. We were a little disappointed with this because it was far bumpier when we last visited, we wanted more bumps!

Bumpy Tractor Ride At Longdown

The diggers weren't there when we last visited so the children couldn't resist having a dig. E was a big help while they were trying to dig their holes. These cost extra - £1 per go.

Diggers At Longdown

Another new activity was the pony rides. Unfortunately T was too old and E was too young to have a go (it was only available for ages 2-10 years). N was okay though so she happily went off on a pony ride around the paddock. This also cost extra, £3.50 per ride.

Pony Ride At Longdown

We finished off the day with a ride on the go karts and a visit to the gift shop. There is also a farm shop on site (you don't have to visit the farm to use the farm shop) but we didn't stop there this time.

Go Karts At Longdown

It was a fun day all round, Longdown is definitely worth a visit if you're in the area and your children like animals.

Have you been to Longdown Activity Farm? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Really feel as if I have been there with you all. Great photos Kate.

    I do miss activities like this (not the expense though!). Fun and educational (without children realising they are).


    1. Yes it's always good when they're learning as they have fun!

      Thanks Shaz x

  2. Monkey would love the feeding of the animals, he still goes on about feeding lambs in the springtime! How lovely we may have to visit ourselves next time we are near. Thank you for sharing xx

    1. I'd definitely recommend it, it's a great opportunity for the kids to get hands on!

      Thanks for commenting x


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