Our Water Stash

We drink lots of water and juice in our household. We also enjoy fizzy drinks but they are usually consumed as a treat either at home or when we go out for a meal.

Upstairs has always been a water only zone and we ensure this is adhered to by keeping a nice stash of water bottles available. Our stash has dwindled on a few occasions and we've all had to refill the bottles we were using at the time - shock horror!

Our Water Stash

We recycle all the bottles we use so please don't think we're wasteful, we simply find that the children are more likely to grab a bottle from our room rather than run downstairs to fill up a reusable bottle. Anything that encourages them to drink plenty of water is a good thing in my eyes.

I remember reading that if children drank juice before bed it can cause bed wetting (not sure if that's true or not though) and of course it's not good for their teeth, so we decided to only offer them water during the evenings and at night from quite a young age. Each of us keeps a bottle of water next to our bed so we can have a drink at any time and for our children it's become the norm - not a bad habit to have, I think!

Do you have a water stash? I'd love to hear from you.


  1. What a fab idea! Love it.

    Our problems weren't when they were younger but from late teens with son number 2. He has the best teeth out of all of us but now has to really look after them (doesn't always pay to have fab teeth!) after squirreling away fizzy drinks in his room ... It's affected his enamel. Might seem strange Kate but I have to monitor him at his age now (never a problem when he was a child/early teens).

    We do have a stash of water bottles in the kitchen. Plain water!

    1. So I'll need to keep a close eye on them as they go through their teens then, thanks for the tip! x

    2. Oh most definitely. The thing is at 17/18 it's very different to those childhood years isn't it. We stopped buying any fizzy drinks once we knew he was drinking way more than we knew ... but he still kept hiding them. It's all very cheap too. I'm heartbroken but it's taken him until this past six months to realise what he's doing and not only to his teeth but his body too. You can nag and nag and nag ... but they have their own choices to make :( xx

    3. They certainly do! I can imagine it's difficult at that age because they're just turning into an adult and making their own decisions is part of that. Must be hard as a mum to see your child making dubious choices. x


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