Preparing To Sell Our House

At the moment we live in a three bedroom house. Before E came along it was perfect for us but now we're a bedroom short so we recently made the decision to sell our house so we can upgrade to a four bedroom property.

We have a few things to do to get our house ready to sell, the kitchen being the main job on the list. We also have the bathroom to complete and some of the paintwork needs touching up, once that's all done we'll approach some estate agents for a valuation.

We've been looking around to see what is available to buy at our price range and, although we haven't found anything that ticks all the boxes yet, I'm anxious that 'the one' will come up for sale before our house is ready to put on the market!

The thought of moving house with three children and a dog in tow is quite daunting. We've already started de-cluttering so we don't have as much to take with us but this is going to be an ongoing job as a family of five can seriously accumulate a lot of junk items over the years.

I would like to use V Family Fun to record our experiences as we go through the moving process so we can look back and remember everything we did to get to that final result of a lovely four bedroom home.

Planning and organising has always made me feel safe, I like to have a rough idea where I'm heading, so we came up with a three year plan, it's quite vague (no specific dates) but it makes me happy to have something to aim for each year:

2016 - Move house.
2017 - Return to Florida.
2018 - New car.

Clearly this is quite an expensive plan so we're also going to have to budget our money more carefully over the next few years. I think it'll be worth it though!

So the first step has been taken and I'll return with an update when the work is done and we move on to the next step.


  1. Look forward to reading about your property hunt Kate. x

    1. Thanks Shaz, hopefully it won't be too painful :) x

  2. Moving stresses me out! Good luck in finding your ideal property :) I am sure you will. Love the idea of the 3 year plan...e could probably do with one of those! xx

    1. Thank you! I'm not keen on packing up all our belongings, it's such a big job but should be worth it.

      Thanks for commenting x


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