Strawberry (And Chocolate) Surprise Cupcakes

I always associate this time of year with fresh fruit, and strawberries in particular are one of my summer favourites. They are an excellent source of vitamins and other nutrients so I like to use them in my recipes as much as possible. 

Over the coming weeks I'm going to be sharing some of those recipes with you. As I've previously mentioned I'm no baking goddess, so the recipes won't be too complicated and hopefully they may inspire you to try some out for yourself!

Today I'm sharing my Strawberry Surprise Cupcake recipe and for those of you who don't eat strawberries (like my boys) there is also a chocolate version.

Strawberry Surprise Cupcakes


250g/8oz softened unsalted butter
250g/8oz caster sugar
2 large eggs, beaten
250g/8oz sifted self-raising flour
4tbsp whole milk
2tsp vanilla extract
1 punnet of Jubilee strawberries
Betty Crocker vanilla buttercream style icing
Milk chocolate block 


I used Jubilee Strawberries for this recipe because they are so yummy and sweet, they also have a wonderful fresh aroma which fills the kitchen whenever you're using them. If you're looking for a top quality strawberry then I'd definitely recommend the Jubilee range.

Jubilee Strawberries are stocked in Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference, Tesco Finest, Marks & Spencer Top Tier, Asda’s Extra Special and Waitrose Speciality ranges.

Jubilee Strawberries


1. Beat the softened butter and sugar together until they are light and fluffy.

Strawberry Surprise Cupcakes

2. Whisk in the beaten eggs a little at a time adding a spoonful of the measured flour to prevent the mixture from curdling.

3. Use a metal spoon to gently fold in the remaining flour and then add the milk and vanilla extract.

Strawberry Surprise Cupcakes

4. Spoon the mixture into cupcake cases.

Strawberry Surprise Cupcakes

5. If you're making chocolate surprise cupcakes this is when you need to push a square of chocolate into the mixture and cover it over.

Chocolate Surprise Cupcakes

6. Bake in an oven preheated to 190°C/375°F/gas 5 until well risen and golden. This should take between 15-20 minutes depending on your oven, then remove and cool on a wire rack.

Strawberry Surprise Cupcakes

7. While the cupcakes are cooling chop the tops off the strawberries that you've earmarked for the surprise part of the cupcake and finely chop the rest of the strawberries for the icing. This is also the time to grate the rest of the milk chocolate block for the chocolate version.


8. Once the cupcakes have cooled scoop the middle out, just enough to fit a strawberry into. I decided to put a layer back on top of the strawberry but this is optional.

Strawberry Surprise Cupcake

9. Seeing as I'm not a baking goddess, I believe in making things easy for myself so I used a tub of Betty Crocker's icing - it tastes great and saves me some time in the kitchen. Spoon the icing into a bowl and gently mix in the finely chopped strawberries.

Strawberry Icing

For the chocolate alternative you simply replace the strawberries with grated chocolate.

Chocolate Icing

10. Fill icing bags with the mixture and decorate the cupcakes. Job done!

Strawberry Surprise Cupcake

Chocolate Surprise Cupcake

We keep our cupcakes in the fridge because we like them to be a little firmer when we're eating, but if you prefer a gooey cupcake then go ahead and leave them out.

We received some Jubilee Strawberries to use in our recipes. All opinions are my own or that of my family.

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  1. These look delicious and really professional, what a great idea :) will have to try some of these out. You should check out the #foodpornthursday linky that cuddle fairy does as I suspect these would get loads of comments xx

    1. They taste delicious too, things like this never last long in our house :)

      Thank you for the tip, I'll take a look! x

  2. Mmmm mmmmmm What a fab idea Kate. Easy to make too :D

    I think I've said before, I'm not a baker. Pete's the one who bakes biscuits and cakes (only rarely these days though).

    Think I'm going to start a Pinterest board for food porn so hope you don't mind if I pin this post.

    1. To be honest, anything I make tends to be easy! Life is complicated enough :)

      Of course I don't mind if you pin it, it would be very much appreciated!

      Thank you for commenting x

    2. You are the first to be pinned :D x

  3. Holy Heaven! These look so yummy yet so easy for the "non" baker like me. I have been growing strawberries in my garden but my mini-monsters keep eating them before I can get them to the kitchen. Thank you for linking this fab recipe with #foodpornthursdays!

    1. Easy is the only way to do anything in the kitchen for me! I had a few strawberries stolen, it seems mini-monsters really like strawberries :)

      Thank you for hosting #foodpornthursdays

  4. I love your strawberry surprise cupcakes, so delicious. Thanks for sharing #foodpornthursdays


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