The V Family Flan

Some people can create wonderfully technical, creative desserts but sadly I'm not one of those people - a baking goddess I am not! 

So today I'm sharing a super-simple dessert we like to make as a special treat, and the best part is that N loves to help too!

The V Family Flan

The good thing about this dessert is that you just need the basic flan base and cream, you can then go to town and add whichever toppings you and your family like/have in the cupboard. It's also the perfect dessert for when unexpected guests arrive because its so quick and easy to make. 

Here's what we used this time:


  • Large flan base
  • Approx 300ml double cream 
  • A meringue nest
  • Strawberries
  • Chocolate buttons
  • White chocolate


The first thing to do is unpack your flan base and put it on the plate, we've used a large one but you can also get smaller versions.

The V Family Flan

Next you need to whip up the cream so it's thick and spread it on the base. We only used cream for this particular dessert but we have been known to put a layer of chocolate spread or jam on the base before the layer of cream goes on - yummy! 

The V Family Flan
You break up the meringue nest and crumble it over the cream, obviously this is optional.

The V Family Flan

You wash the strawberries and chop them up into whatever size you fancy. Here you can use any fruit you like or already have in the cupboard. Our boys don't like strawberries which is why our flan is half and half.

The V Family Flan

We added chocolate buttons for the boys half and then grated the white chocolate to sprinkle over both sides.

And there you have it, a simple, versatile, delicious and very naughty dessert that makes everyone happy!

The V Family Flan

We've made many variations of this dessert over the years and while it might not be very technical, it always tastes beautiful, in my opinion that's what it's all about. 

Do you like to make simple desserts or are you a baking goddess?


  1. Looks absolutely scrummy Kate.

    NOT a baking goddess but love to see the creations others make (only got into GBBO late!).

    We have a similar thing with a salad. I was going to do a post but the photos didn't come out so good. Next time ...

    1. Oooh I hope you manage to get some good photos, I love seeing others creations too! Food photography is new to me so I'm learning as I go, it's surprisingly difficult.

      This really is a scrummy dessert (not good for diets though lol), I just love anything that is simple to make! I have a cupcake recipe that I'm hoping to share soon so watch this space...

      Thanks for stopping by x


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