Valley Mill Soap Review

I'm always on the lookout for natural products that will be suitable for the whole family to use. With T having psoriasis and E having delicate baby skin it's important for me to know that the products we're using won't irritate them.

I first discovered Valley Mill on Twitter (@valleymillshop) where their bio caught my attention: 

Handmade Welsh slate homeware, house signs, natural soaps and candles. Welsh blankets, wine, whisky, chocolate, chutney and preserves.

It all sounds great doesn't it, especially the natural soaps, so when the lovely people at Valley Mill asked if I would like to try some out I jumped at the chance!

Before they arrived I watched this fascinating video which shows exactly how their soaps are made:

When my soaps arrived they were beautifully packaged in completely recyclable packaging, even the soaps themselves were wrapped in cardboard rather than plastic - another bonus point from me!

Valley Mill Soaps

Each handmade bar of soap is 100% natural and contains Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Palm Oil and Castor Oil. They use no artificial colours, preservatives or additives and are paraben and SLS free.

I love the way the soaps look, they have a luxurious appearance and the fragrances are amazing - you can really tell they've been made with natural ingredients!

Valley Mill Soaps

The first soap we tried was Lavender & Citronella

Before hubby knew what the fragrance was, he commented that it smelled like the ointment he used to put on the horse to keep the flies away (this isn't a bad thing because he actually liked the smell of it)! Clearly it was all down to the natural oil Citronella because it can also be used as an insect repellent. Maybe this particular soap could be used for more than just washing?

Valley Mill Lavender & Citronella

Next came Bergamot & Basil which had the strongest scent of them all. 

The idea of washing with Basil seemed strange but it was invigorating and left a pleasant fragrance on the skin. The only negative with this soap is that my skin felt a little dry afterwards.

Valley Mill Bergamot & Basil

Finally we tried Grapefruit & Fennel which was my favourite of them all. I loved the green colour and the fragrance combination was a definite hit with me.

Valley Mill Grapefruit & Fennel

Each of the soaps lathered really well and the very best part is that they didn't irritate T or E's skin!

Valley Mill Soaps

As I've already mentioned, it can be difficult to find good products which are also gentle on the skin. Well, we think Valley Mill have cracked it so they get a big thumbs up from the V Family!

Have you tried any products from Valley Mill? Do you like natural products? I'd love to hear from you.

We received these products for review purposes. I am always honest in my reviews and all opinions are my own or that of my family.


  1. I'll be checking out Valley Mill, love the sound of grapefruit and fennel! Living on the edge of the Forest of Dean, most of our day trips take us into Wales and it looks like a trip to Neath is now on the schedule. Thanks for sharing, Kate - a very interesting article.

    1. That's great Linn! You're so lucky to live nearby, we've agreed that we'll try to visit Valley Mill next time we're out that way. Enjoy!

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment x

  2. Ooh loved watching the video Kate.

    Must admit, pump dispensers dry my hands out.

    Great review x x

    1. It's a fascinating video isn't it, I had never seen soap being made before!

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting x


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