Wynsors Back To School Blogger Challenge

When I found out that Wynsors World of Shoes had set a back to school blogger challenge which encourages kids to draw their ideal day at school, I immediately thought of N. She loves creative challenges and she also loves school so I figured this would be right up her street!

I kind of imagined her doing a crazy drawing with all sorts of mad ideas but when she was finished it was nothing like that at all. She went for a more practical day at school, with maths (her favourite subject) being the main focus and only a little smidgen of oddness...

In N's words:

"On my ideal day at school I would be doing lots of maths and there would be a talking bunny sat under my table helping me. The bunny would be so clever that it'd make me wish that I was a bunny too and I'd spend the whole day thinking about maths and talking bunnies."

I think I'd quite like a talking bunny sat underneath my desk too, especially if it helps me out! 


  1. I agree Kate - would love to have a clever bunny hanging around :D

    Good luck to N with the competition.

    1. Haha it would come in handy wouldn't it!

      Thanks Shaz x


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