Buying Your First Car - Old or New?

Do you remember your first car? Was it old or new?

I remember mine - it was a light green, A Reg, Vauxhall Nova that was given to me by my Nan when I was 18 as she had just bought a newer (still used though) car. It may not have been super cool or popular but it was all mine and I loved it!

Recently my hubby and I were discussing what we'll do when our own children are looking to buy their first car (potentially less than 5 years for T, eeek). Would we advise them to start off in a used car like I did or would we recommend a brand new vehicle? 

This infographic from Motorparks came to our rescue:

It clearly shows the pros and cons of each option and I love all the extra information which will help us make an informed decision on the advice to give our children. When the time comes, we'll have a great visual to show them and (hopefully) confirm our advice. Whether they take our advice is another matter...

What would you recommend?

This blog post is in collaboration with Motorparks.


  1. Great infographic!

    All our cars have been 'old' including Sam's first car too. Although they are getting 'newer' - we've had two cars for many years now. Double the expense I know but the convenience ...

    My first car was a 1964 mini with the starting button on the floor and pull ropes on the inside of the door to open them. So much fun in that little car :)

    Thanks for sharing Kate.
    ps they will listen to you but will probably have their hearts set on something already :D

    1. Isn't it funny how you remember the old cars probably more fondly than the newer ones. My little nova had no heating so I had to dress up in full winter attire when I drove it in the colder months, I still loved it though!

      T has already mentioned a Ferrari so I think he's going to be brought down to earth with a big bump when the time comes :D

      Thanks for commenting x

    2. Oh yes - remember those feelings of freedom too and the excitement. Almost like a rite of passage.

      Ferrari - nice.


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