Flint's 5th Birthday

This week we celebrated Flint's 5th Birthday!

Flint's Birthday

We got him when he was just 6 weeks old and we've always made a fuss on his birthday, he's an important part of our family so we think he deserves to celebrate his special occasion. The day always begins with presents and cards:

Flint's Birthday Presents

This is usually followed by an extra special birthday walk and throughout the day we regularly sing the Happy Birthday song to him. It always sends him a little crazy (even on our birthdays) because he knows he'll get a treat at the end of the song!

This year we bought him a filled bone, a new rope toy and a bag of special hip and joint biscuits because of his previous elbow problems (you can find out more about this here). 

Flint really approved of them and would've happily eaten them all if we'd have let him - the pack is empty because we put the biscuits into his treat container, not because he ate them all.

Flint's Birthday Biscuits

We couldn't resist this 'Top Dog' birthday card! 


I like to think he knows it's his special day, he certainly acts more entitled on his birthday. 

Do you celebrate your pet's birthday? I'd love to hear about it.


  1. Awwwww. Happy Birthday Flint!

    We don't celebrate Taz' birthday (we do have his info from the rescue centre) but do buy him Christmas presents.

    I think it's a date that's going to have to go on the calendar (we've missed it this year - I remember it's in August!).

    1. Flint always does really well at Christmas too - other family members even buy him Christmas presents!

      I'd never remember anything if it wasn't on the calendar :D

      Thanks for stopping by Shaz x


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