Gro-clock Review

I remember when T and N were younger and they would wake us up ridiculously early because it was light outside and they thought it was time to get up. 

We bought blackout blinds to try to solve the problem but this just made them think it was still night time when in fact it was time to get up - we just couldn't win and it was quite a stressful time.

Oh how I wish the Gro-clock was around in those days.


This fantastic little invention from The Gro Company actually teaches young children the difference between night and day before they're able to tell the time. This means they'll know when it's okay to get up in the morning! The wake-up time is set by you so that it fits in with whatever your routine might be.

You start off by reading your little one the Sleepy Farm book (this comes free with the Gro-clock). 


E is a big fan of books so she really enjoyed this part.



Then you set the clock to 'night time mode' so your little one knows it's time to go to sleep. Obviously they're not going to drop straight off to sleep at this point, especially on the very first night of using the clock, but it does begin the learning process.

I found the clock really easy to set up, there are only three buttons to use and the best part is that you can lock them so when little fingers get hold of it (and believe me they will), they can't mess your programmed times up.

The stars on the clock gradually disappear during the night giving your little one an idea of how long is left until morning. You can choose to display the digital clock or hide it, I wanted it to be displayed because I think it's important to introduce numbers as early as possible.

As soon as E saw this she was mesmerised! 


The brightness is adjustable which is great news for those of us who are still (but not for too much longer hopefully) sharing a room with our little ones. I think it gives off a lovely light, it gave our room a nice glow which enabled me to see E when I needed to but it didn't keep me awake when I wanted to sleep.


The Gro-clock is mains powered (the adapter is included in the box) and is actually more compact than I thought it would be, this is perfect for us as we have limited space so I was quite relieved that it wasn't too big. This also means that it would be perfect for travelling, you could easily take the clock with you and provide your little one with a familiar comfort away from home.

When the last star goes out the cheerful sun comes up and shows your child it's time to get up.


I think this is a product that will grow with your child because, unlike toddlers, older children sometimes need a wake-up call. The Gro-clock provides that too with an audible alarm. If you're thinking of those loud, obnoxious alarms that wake you up with a fright then think again because this has a gentle but effective alarm. 

I have to admit that I'm seriously impressed with this product, The Gro Company really have thought of everything. Parents need as much sleep as they can get and anything that helps with that goal is a winner in my book!

Do your little ones confuse night for day? Have you tried sleep training? I'd love to hear from you.

We were sent a Gro-clock for review purposes. I am always honest in my reviews and all opinions are my own or that of my family.


  1. This sounds an awesome product Kate. I can see the attraction.

    Fab review. Thank you for sharing. x

    1. It really is an awesome product Shaz, things have come a long way since having the older two!

      Thanks for commenting x


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