Our Visit to Chessington World of Adventures

If you're a regular reader of V Family Fun you may remember our entry to the Wynsors Back to School Blogger Challenge. Well I'm thrilled to say that we won and received our prize of a family ticket to Chessington World of Adventures soon after.

Here's how our day went:

T and N had decided that the very first ride they wanted to go on was the Vampire so while they spent a whole hour queueing, E and I decided to have a look around the eerie surroundings. E loved it every time the ride went over our heads with all the passengers screaming at the top of their voices - she copied them!

Chessington World of Adventures

The next stop for us was Sealion Bay, we all enjoyed watching them swim around because they were just so graceful in the water. Being such an animal lover, E was the most impressed and didn't want to leave so T and N went off to the nearby Creepy Caves where they saw lizards, snakes and spiders (I'm pretty glad I didn't go in there with them)!

Chessington World of Adventures

We continued with the animal theme and visited the zoo next where we saw a number of animals and even a hotel specially made for bugs. We discussed the possibility of creating one of these in our garden. 

There was a hint of sadness in this area as we read a sign announcing the recent passing of the male lion. 

Chessington World of Adventures

After our trip to the zoo we realised it was lunchtime so we headed to the Vampire's Burger Kitchen which had a magical kind of atmosphere to it and the burgers were pretty tasty too.

Chessington World of Adventures

Then it was time for E to have her first ride - the Bubbleworks. This has always been a family favourite and we couldn't wait to experience it with E. We queued for about 30 minutes for this ride and it was worth every minute just to see her face light up at all the crazy scenes!

Chessington World of Adventures

Dragon's Fury was next. This is another ride where E and I had to occupy ourselves while the rest of them were queueing. It was around a 45 minute wait but luckily E was quite taken with the dragon which popped his head out of the cave and roared.  

Chessington World of Adventures

We also went on the Kobra, Monkey Swinger, Dragon Falls and Scorpion Express. Dragon Falls was always my favourite when I was a child and on this particular day the queue for it was really small so we only waited about 15 minutes to get on. 

The Scorpion Express was new, there was a huge flame which rose out of the sign when the ride was at a certain place on the track - we could feel the heat from quite a distance!

Chessington World of Adventures

We couldn't resist taking E into the Children's Zoo, she was amazed when a goat walked straight past her. She also took a fancy to the seagull that was hanging out in Penguin Bay.

N had been looking forward to Hocus Pocus Hall which is kind of like a fun house where you wear 3D glasses and try to find your way through. There's also a mirror maze to manoeuvre before you get to the exit, it created lots of laughter.

Chessington World of Adventures

The final stop for us (before the gift shop) was Sea Life where we saw so many gorgeous underwater creatures. E loved getting up close to the rays and N's favourite part was the tunnel because it felt like we were walking through water.

Chessington World of Adventures

Overall it was a fantastic day, we were all exhausted by the time we got back to the car but very happy. 

Thank you Wynsors!


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