Steve Backshall And The Brave Bones Club Adventure Videos

You may remember a while ago I blogged about our family adventure 'Steve Backshall style' (click here for a recap) and shared an exciting competition to win an adventure with the man himself!

Back then I said I would return with the five winners videos and I'm pleased to be able to share them with you today...

Steve Backshall, from the popular children’s show Deadly 60 and Big Blue Live, has teamed up with the Brave Bones Club to create a five-part online video series of dare-devilish adventures to encourage kids of the UK to embark on their own this summer and autumn. Parents of the UK are suffering from a lack of play-spiration and we are showing them some great ways to have adventures which cost next-to-nothing.

Enlisting the help of six thrill-seeking explorers, the Brave Bones Club invited children aged between 8-11 years old to enter a very special competition and star in the series with the legendary Backshall.

Episode One – ‘Super Shelters with Steve Backshall and the Brave Bones Club’:

Steve shows the kids how to build three very different shelters whether you’re trying to keep dry off the forest floor or pitching up in your living room. You’ll learn how to create an A-frame shelter using all natural materials, how to scope out a super spot for a hammock, and how to put up your very own tarpaulin.

Episode Two – ‘Critter Cribs with Steve Backshall and the Brave Bones Club’:

Steve teaches the adventurers how to build the ultimate critter crib. You'll learn about the top spots for birds, hottest hide-outs for hedgehogs, and how to build a natural den for lots of creepy crawlies.

Episode Three – ‘Tracks and Signs with Steve Backshall and the Brave Bones Club’:

Steve teaches the kids how to spot signs of animals in the wild. Whether it’s listening for birdsong; spotting tracks or finding furry friends hiding holes – there’s plenty of ways to work out where the critters of the forest have been hiding.

Episode Four – ‘Treasure Hunting with Steve Backshall and the Brave Bones Club’:

Steve hides three mystery hampers and our brave adventurers have to use their new skills in map reading to find them! You’ll learn top tips for surviving in the wild with just a trusty map and a compass.

Episode Five – ‘Bug Bothering with Steve Backshall and the Brave Bones Club’:

Steve shares three different methods for catching creepy crawlies of all shapes and sizes. You’ll learn how to bag yourself some butterflies using a net, how to perform the ultimate ‘bush whack’ and find out how to use a pooter.

There you have it, five fantastic videos which will hopefully give you all some extra ideas for activities to do with your own young adventurers!

As seen in my previous post, we were sent a complete adventure starter kit so we could have our own adventures.


  1. Love the enraptured looks on the children's faces (hope that's not just because they were acting hahaha).

    Great stuff to share Kate. Made me realise we haven't been to Upton Country Park for an age and now I have a burning desire to go ... x

    1. It all looks like a lot of fun doesn't it! I wonder if those enraptured looks are partly because of who they're adventuring with, I know my kids would be quite starstruck if they were to meet Steve :)

      Thanks for commenting x


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