Buying Pet Supplies

Pets can be very expensive so I love it when I find a good deal on pet supplies - every little helps right! 

When I was asked to try out some pet supplies from the Feedem website I jumped at the chance and was pleasantly surprised by their prices. 

Feedem Pet Supplies

My first thought when I clicked on the website was 'Dog Treats' - Flint is such a lovely, loyal dog so we enjoy treating him as often as we can (while taking care not to make him overweight). He absolutely loves rawhide treats so I knew chicken flavour chews would go down well. This bumper pack costs just £5.50. 

Feedem Pet Supplies

Anything brightly coloured like this can stain carpets or furniture so I always give them to Flint while he's outside. Better safe than sorry!

Feedem Pet Supplies

Being an American Bulldog x Labrador means that Flint is a very powerful chewer and treats don't tend to last very long. However, rawhide treats are quite tough so he takes longer to get through them (one of the main reasons we buy them for him).

You may have noticed the lovely fleecy mattress inside Flint's plastic bed, this was also from the Feedem website. Their Dog Beds and mattresses are fantastic value, this 89cm version was just £14.35!

Feedem Pet Supplies

Flint loves his new mattress and amazingly hasn't even attempted to chew it (yet)! His loud snoring is a great indicator of just how comfy he is when asleep on it.

When the sun is out I often put his bed outside so he can enjoy the warmth in comfort and also to give the bed some fresh air - if you have a dog you'll know just how smelly their beds can get. This mattress is hand washable so I'll be able to freshen it up during the winter months when I'm unable to put it outside.

Feedem Pet Supplies

We'll definitely be visiting the Feedem website for pet supplies in the future. Have you shopped with them? I'd love to hear from you.

I received the above products for review purposes. I am always honest in my reviews and all opinions are my own or that of my family.