Exante Diet Shakes Review

Following on from my weight loss post, over the next few weeks I would like to share my thoughts on some meal replacement products that I've been trying out from Exante Diet.

Exante Diet has a range of flexible, easy-to-follow, weight-management and weight-loss plans to suit you and your lifestyle. 

To make your diet simpler they have a huge range of meal-replacement products, including diet soups, diet shakes, diet bars and more. As of next month there will be even more to choose from as they are introducing a new range of products!

The first products I tried out were Exante Diet shakes.

Exante Diet Shakes

To make the shakes I simply emptied the contents of a sachet into the required amount of cool water, mixed it up and then served it in a glass with a straw.

I must admit that I didn't expect the shakes to be very thick because they were made with water so I was pleasantly surprised by the way they thickened after mixing. 

Each shake is:
  • high in protein
  • high in fibre
  • high in vitamins and minerals
  • suitable for vegetarians 

Now for the taste tests:

Hazelnut Flavour Shake

Exante Diet Shakes

I was really hoping that the hazelnut flavour would shine through with this shake and I'm pleased to say that it did. It was fantastically nutty and satisfying.

Exante Diet Shakes

Strawberry is usually my favourite where shakes are concerned and this was no different. Out of the three flavours the strawberry version was the one I enjoyed the most. I found it to be quite refreshing and it disappeared rather quickly!

Exante Diet Shakes

This was the shake that I thought I'd like the most because I love chocolate and I also love raspberries, but for me this just couldn't beat the other two for flavour. 

The thing that really stood out about these shakes is how they satisfied my cravings for food. Each time I had a shake at lunchtime I didn't feel hungry again until dinnertime, a great result for me because normally I'm a serial snacker! 

Have you tried Exante Diet? I'd love to hear from you.

I received the above products for review purposes. I am always honest in my reviews and all opinions are my own or that of my family.


  1. Are they suitable for diabetics Kate?

    Great review x

  2. Thanks for commenting Shaz!

    The advice I got from the nutritionist at Exante Diet is that it’s fine to enjoy the Exante products – as long as you feel in control, and they’d just advise you to track your blood sugars closely throughout the early stages of the diet just until you're feeling totally comfortable with it.

    I hope that helps x


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