Miffy Books

You may remember my post about the new Miffy TV show, Miffy's Adventures Big and Small. I mentioned that I would be receiving some books and today I'd like to share our thoughts on them.

Miffy Books

E was the first to get her hands on them and she was immediately drawn to the biggest one which turned out to be a Christmassy book (one of my favourite things) containing stickers and other activities.

Miffy Books

Something that really stood out for me is how simple, yet colourful each of the books were. The illustrations didn't look too busy on the page and the bright colours meant that E was instantly attracted to them.

Miffy Books

We looked through this book for quite a long time, she pointed out things she liked and spoke her special E language (I do love this gobbledygook stage) in a very excited voice! When N came home from school they sat together and read the two smaller books, then they got creative with the stickers from the big book.

Miffy Books

These have made a great addition to our ever-growing library of books, they contain lovely stories and cute illustrations. I'd definitely recommend them for young Miffy fans.

Do you have a Miffy fan in your household? Do they have any Miffy books? I'd love to hear from you.

I received these books in exchange for sharing information about the new Miffy TV show.

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  1. Oh I do love that the pages aren't busy Kate. And look at E! She's growing (haha you know what I mean). x

    1. Haha yes she really is, she's growing up too fast for my liking!

      Some children's books can be too busy can't they, the kids don't know what to focus on. I like this kind of book :)

      Thanks for stopping by x


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