Miffy's Adventures Big and Small

Not long ago I blogged about Miffy coming back to our TV screens and today I want to share our thoughts on the start of the new series.

Episode 1 was a big hit with E, she Screamed with excitement every time the dog was on the screen (anything with a dog in it will always be popular with our little girl). When it had finished she shouted for more so I'm really glad I remembered to record it! 

I loved seeing Miffy brought to life with CGI and the characters voices were so cute. It also had calming background music and a super catchy theme tune (I ended up humming it all evening). 

It's a refreshing and easy show to watch. I say that as a parent who has pretty much had enough of watching the same old kids shows, they seem to numb my brain a little bit more every time I watch them. Miffy's Adventures Big and Small, however, has become a regular favourite in our household.

Have you watched any episodes of the new show? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Love the photo Kate. She looks as if Miffy has her full attention :)

    1. Oh yes, I quite enjoy the quiet that Miffy brings :D

      Thanks Shaz x


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