Mummy V's Birthday Wish List

In my opinion you're never too old to write a birthday list. 

I prefer it when the people I love give me a list of things they would like to receive because it makes shopping for them so much easier!

So, seeing as it's almost November and my birthday is just around the corner, I came up with a list of my own. Can four items be classed as a list? Anyway...

1. As I may have mentioned before (ahem), I really love reading so an Amazon gift card is a great gift for me because it means I can buy paperbacks or Kindle books from the comfort of my own home. This particular gift card is presented in a cupcake gift-box so it's pretty perfect all round! Gift Card In a Gift Box - £30 to £500 depending on how generous you're feeling.

2. Candles and wax melts are another of my obsessions and this gift set from the Yankee Candle website sounds amazing. It contains three street café-inspired fragrances: Cappuccino Truffle, Pain au Raisin and Tarte Tatin. Mmmm!

3. I'm also a bit of a chocoholic, yes I know I'm dieting but everyone deserves a day off on their birthday, right? This stunning box of chocolates is from the Chocolates for Chocoholics website and, in my opinion, they produce the tastiest chocolates in the whole world, they are seriously yummy! 

4. Now I know some people think socks are a boring gift but I love getting new socks for my birthday or Christmas. Slipping your feet into a new pair of socks is about the same as getting into a freshly made bed in my book - epic!

These days of the week socks are actually made for kids aged 5-14 years but they'd fit me anyway so I'll ignore that fact. The way my mummy brain works at the moment, I think I could do with some help remembering what day it is.

Do you prefer gift shopping with a list or do you like to choose for yourself? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. I hope you get some (if not all teeheee) on your list Kate. All fabulous things.

    I prefer a bit of both to be honest. I do like to have a list to fall back on but if I see something and know just who that would suit I buy it. I love to buy gifts for others even if the whole exchanging gifts thing can be a bit fraught for some.

    When is that birthday? :D

    1. Oh yes I like the impulse buys too, but for main gifts it's nice to know exactly what they want :)

      It would be amazing to get everything on this list, hubby already has a surprise planned so who knows!

      Thanks for stopping by x


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