Mummy V's Blogger Interviews - Emma From Our Fairytale Adventure

For today's interview I'm delighted to welcome Emma From Our Fairytale Adventure.

Our Fairytale Adventure

I’m Emma, originally I’m from a seaside town in Essex, where they serve the best ice cream, have a seafront lined with weathered palm trees and wearing stilettos is essential to everyday living. Now I live in the Cheshire countryside and own a pair of wellington boots (yes I have actually used them).

As I fumble through parenthood in a foreign land, I thought I would document it all on my little corner of the internet and share it with the world. I’m also working on writing a book that highlights the disastrous, hilarious and heart-warming situations us parents find ourselves in.

Hi Emma,

Describe your blog in three words...

Happy, Fairytale, Life.

What does blogging mean to you?

My blog is like a family time capsule and it is a great way to keep my friends and family from my hometown updated with what we get up to. It is amazing to watch it grow over time though and I always feel a little bit proud when I reach a goal I’ve set myself.

What makes your blog stand out from the crowd?

I try not to bombard my social media with links back to my blog, although it is important getting your writing out there, I think people like to know there is an actual human behind the blog and the social media accompanying it. I also try to make sure I space out reviews so that people don’t see post after post of promotional content. Generally I aim to keep my blog as something I enjoy to read as that is the main reason for writing it, to be able to look back at all of our family adventures.

What is the easiest and hardest part of writing a blog?

The easiest part of blogging would probably be how social it is. I’m a bit of a social butterfly and love meeting new people. The blogging community is great and seeing other people tweeting or posting about their day to day goings on really helps you through the difficult days. It’s always reassuring to know you aren’t the only one that battles their toddler through nappy changes or meal times.

The hardest part of blogging is dealing with really negative people AKA the trolls! I try not to be a negative person and don’t understand the concept of putting people down, just because. I think as a blogger, it is vital to develop a thick skin and realise that these negative people are only trying to project their own issues onto other people and it actually has nothing to do with you as a person.

I agree! Who are your favourite bloggers and do you think they have influenced your own blog in any way?

I do draw on what people are talking about though, recently I noticed a lot of people (not always bloggers) talking about how much time their children spend watching television and that inspired me to research the topic, but I wouldn’t say that my blog is influenced by other bloggers, as everyone has their own unique view point and their own unique style.

As for favourite bloggers, I follow so many because they all offer something different. So it is hard to say which are my ‘favourite’. I do find myself always reading; Hello Archie and first tooth because they talk about real parenting, not the picture perfect image of parenting. I do also like the blog Man vs Pink because it is very focused on gender stereotypes and breaking through those so future generations have a better understanding of equality. But there are certain blogs who are just hilarious on social media like ‘just a normal mummy’ and are always worth checking out too.

Which of your blog posts is your favourite and why? 

It would have to be out of:

‘Being a young Mum in her early 20’s and the judgements you face’ because it was something that I felt like I was alone in facing until I wrote that post and realised so many other people felt the same. -

‘Is watching television really that for babies and toddlers?’ because it was something I worked really hard on researching and spent a lot of time learning about the topic. -

‘Types of Mum you find at baby groups’ because it is a very light-hearted post, that was really fun to write. -

What is the one thing you couldn’t live without?

My family, I don’t know what I would do without my very own, little family unit. We always work together to get through the rocky patches, they make the good times better and the normal, everyday things special.

Tea or coffee?

Tea. I’m a huge tea drinker and I have my own favourite cup that I’ve had since I was a little girl, that nobody else is allowed to use.

Morning or night person?

I’m definitely a night owl. I was always an absolute nightmare to get up in the morning as a teenager and while at university I was always running late for morning lectures. Obviously these days I can’t push snooze and have to wake up early with my toddler, but I never function properly until after breakfast a strong cup of tea. Thankfully Mr. C is a morning person.

Any last words for your readers?

I guess I just want to say a really huge thank you for supporting me in my blogging adventure J.

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