Our Toys R Us Shopping Spree

If you're a regular V Family Fun reader you may remember the Lego Dream Homes Competition we entered and ultimately won.

The prize was a £150 Toys R Us voucher and the children decided to split it equally between the 3 of them so they had £50 each to spend - proud mummy moment! 

Here's what they bought:

T's purchase was quick and simple - Fifa 16 for his PlayStation 4 was something he had on his Christmas list (yes they've already started writing them) so he was really excited to be able to get it early.

Fifa 16 PS4

N got a little bit more for her money - she had just outgrown her old inline skates so she was able to get some new ones.

Inline Skates

She also got a jellyfish AquaBot for the bath.

Jellyfish AquaBot

And last but not least, seeing as our Toys R Us has a Claire's Accessories section, she bought some earrings for her recently pierced (for the second time) ears.


For E we decided to get this super cute Little Tikes car.

Little Tikes Car

As she is such a big fan of Twirlywoos we also got her a little cuddly toy (we've added the other 3 characters to her Christmas list). Now whenever the show comes on TV she runs to get it and they watch it together!


The Twirlywoo also enjoys being a passenger in her car.


Our Toys R Us shopping spree was a really fun experience and each of the children have something they will treasure.

Thank you Ocean Finance!


  1. What a spree - I bet that was one experience you will all NEVER forget. Love that car ....

    1. Definitely not, it was great! The car is so cute isn't it, they've all tried to get in it and have a go, only T is too big :D

      Thanks for commenting Linn x

  2. Fabulous. Love that they decided to split it 3 ways Kate x

    1. Me too! It's times like those that make me feel like we're doing a good job, so proud :)

      Thanks for stopping by Shaz x

  3. How lovely they decided to share it :) no wonder you were very proud xx

    1. I know, especially as E didn't take part in building the Lego house (can you imagine the chaos that would have caused haha)!

      Thanks for commenting x


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