The Countdown to Christmas

Yes I mentioned the C word, it's my absolute favourite time of the year!

Countdown to Christmas

Once the kids have gone back to school after the summer holidays and we've settled into some kind of a routine, I start to think about Christmas.

The kids begin writing their lists at this time and the plan for our traditional family Christmas starts forming in my mind. As the days get cooler, I light my candles (I'm a huge fan of scented candles/wax melts) and this also helps to create the Christmassy atmosphere that I love so much.

The shops start putting out their gorgeous Christmas decorations and gifts. They hand out colourful gift guides full of sparkling goodies which are oh so tempting. This is the time I usually start writing lists of what I'd like to buy each family member so these gift guides come in handy for me.

Christmas Gift Guide

When it comes to paying for Christmas we have a savings account which we pay money into each week throughout the year to cover all our Christmas costs. This means that we never find ourselves in the position of having to borrow money to pay for things at an already expensive time of year (this was a lesson learnt from many Christmases ago).

One of my favourite family traditions is buying each of us a new pair of Christmassy pyjamas to wear to bed on Christmas Eve. Last year we bought them from Next for the first time and we were so impressed by the range to choose from and the quality that we're planning on doing the same this year.

I love all the present giving, traditions and family time but I also love Christmas dinner! It's a meal that we could have at any time of the year but it just wouldn't be as magical as it is on Christmas Day. I'm lucky that hubby is the one who cooks Christmas dinner (he's a much better chef than I am) for two reasons:
  1. It means that I get the chance to set the table up so it looks all sparkly and festive.
  2. This is the best reason - it means that I get to play with the kids and their new toys/games whilst watching festive films on TV, blissful.
Flint is always included in our Christmas celebrations, I'm sure you knew he would be. He has a special lunch and not only does he receive presents from us but also from my parents and my brothers!

So these are all the things on my mind during the countdown to Christmas. As you can probably tell, I'll be spending the next few months in a bubble of planning and excitement.

Do you love Christmas too? When do you start thinking about the big day?


  1. YES! and we've been talking about Christmas for a couple of weeks :)

    I love family traditions (have a post planned about Christmas) and can't wait!

    Bit disappointed Pete or the boys don't want to go to Paulton's Park hahaha I still remember the awe of the boys when we went to their Christmas extravaganza thingy.

    1. Oooh I can't wait for your Christmas post! We always used to go to Paultons for Christmas, love it there. You should definitely go :)

      Thanks for sharing x


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