A Christmas Gift Guide For A Nineteen-Month-Old

Over the coming weeks I am going to produce a Christmas gift guide for each member of the V Family. Each guide will contain the top four items on each of our wish lists and will hopefully provide some inspiration for anyone looking to buy gifts for that particular age group.

I'm starting with the youngest - E. Obviously she hasn't written her own wish list like the older children have but I've made a list of things I know she would like and here are the top four:

E's Christmas Wish List

1. Bing is E's favourite TV programme and we often have to watch it over and over again - sound familiar to all you parents out there? I know this talking Bing will get a great reaction out of her so it is definitely at the top of the list.

2. E loves stacking things on top of each other and we haven't yet bought her a proper set of building blocks so these are the next item on her Christmas list. I like the letters and numbers on these ones because it means they will grow with her - we can move on to making words and numbers with them instead of just stacking them.

3. Another thing E loves is books (just like her mummy) and her favourite type are lift-the-flap books. T and N were big fans of Julia Donaldson's books and still often quote from the Gruffalo story so I thought this lift-the-flap version would be a great introduction for E!

4. N has a keyboard which E is always trying to get her hands on so N decided that she would like to buy E her very own keyboard for Christmas and I love the idea! She loves being noisy musical so it's a perfect gift for her.

*All prices correct at the time of writing this post

Has this post given you inspiration for the nineteen-month-old in your life? Or do you have any other recommendations? I'd love to hear from you.


  1. Such great gifts Kate. E will love them won't she! x

    1. Definitely! Although she'll probably enjoy the wrapping paper just as much :D

      Thanks for stopping by x

  2. My little one is obsessed with Bing too. Although I must admit I quite like this programme too :-). I am sure E will love these toys!

    1. Bing is really cute isn't he, although it can become a bit too much when it's all she wants to watch! Thank you for commenting Heidi x


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