A Christmas Gift Guide For A Twelve-Year-Old Boy

Over the coming weeks I am going to produce a Christmas gift guide for each member of the V Family. Each guide will contain the top four items on each of our wish lists and will hopefully provide some inspiration for anyone looking to buy gifts for that particular age group.

This week I'm sharing the top four items on T's Christmas list:

Christmas Gift Guide For A Twelve Year Old Boy

1. You may remember my post about T first venturing into the world of Warhammer. Well his interest has gone from strength to strength and the models are getting bigger! This attractive-looking beast is the first model of this size that he's asked for. It's very expensive but apparently it'll be great for battles and I know it'll take him quite a long time to finish so it's worth it in my opinion.

2. I remember having one of these when I was a child so when T put it on his Christmas list I'm not ashamed to admit that I was really keen on the idea - I can't wait to relive my youth by squashing my face against a load of pins! 

3. This has been a standard gift for T ever since he got his first iPod Touch. He recently swapped that for an iPhone (hubby's old one) so it's still a gift that will be useful to him. He doesn't buy a huge amount of music with it, he tends to buy games or add-ons for games.

The great thing about iTunes vouchers is that you can buy them pretty much everywhere! 

4. And we're back to Warhammer! This strange looking set of models add on to the army T is collecting and building. It's going to be difficult to surprise him this year because I am still rather clueless about it all so I have to keep asking him if what I've found is the correct item. 

*All prices correct at the time of writing this post

Has this post given you inspiration for the twelve-year-old boy in your life? I'd love to hear from you.


  1. Love these posts Kate. Get to know a little bit more about you and your family :) x

    1. Thanks Shaz, I really enjoy doing this kind of post! x


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