Are You Superstitious?

Today is Friday the 13th which, for me, means a day of being nervous, waiting for the worst to happen and staying indoors for as much of it as I can! My name is Kate and I'm superstitious.

Friday the 13th

I don't actually remember when I became so worried about this date, I'm assuming that one day, many years ago, something unlucky happened on Friday the 13th and that was that - the superstition was firmly in place.

The thing is, it's not just Friday the 13th that sets me on edge:

I have to get out of the same side of the bed that I got into, even if that means climbing over hubby and often falling out the other side instead of gracefully exiting the bed. I just have this feeling that I'll have a terrible day if I get out the wrong side!

Magpies can make or break my day, one for sorrow, two for joy etc etc. If I see one solitary magpie I will stand on the spot looking all around to try to find a second. Obviously when I see two I walk away quite chuffed that it will be a good day.

I never walk under ladders, that's just asking for trouble and if I were to break a mirror I'd be a wreck for the next seven years!

Putting a box of new shoes on the table is also a no-no in our household, something T and N have finally learnt after repeatedly witnessing mummy dive to grab the box off the table like it was an unexploded bomb. This one comes from my own parents who always told me it was an unlucky thing to do and so the superstition lives on, being passed from generation to generation.


I have a very active imagination and am also rather dramatic (hubby recently bought me a t-shirt which says 'Excuse me while I be dramatic!' - very appropriate) so I'm well aware I sound quite mad. Deep down I know coincidence plays a big part in these things but I guess I feel like it's better to be safe than sorry. 

Are you superstitious? I'd love to hear from you.


  1. My mum was very superstitious Kate but I'm not. Had my new boots in their box on the table yesterday (did I just hear a gasp?). You know when you see one magpie, it is acceptable to salute it and greet it, wishing its family a good day :) A colleague told me that years.

    I've broken mirrors, walked under ladders (in fact I do so on purpose hahaha). And I won't ask you how you ended up on a different side of the bed than the side you climbed in to ;)

    Stay safe xx

    1. Hahaha this is brilliant, you are such a rebel Shaz (yes you did hear a gasp)!! x

    2. Oh no, is it tonight you're away? :P x


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