The Washing Pile

As I was tackling the latest pile of washing, I thought about what a thankless task it is and a poem started to form in my mind. For a bit of fun I thought I'd share it with you:

The Washing Pile

The Washing Pile

The washing pile, a foe not friend,
a mountain that will never end.
They pile it up and wonder why
their favourite t-shirt is not dry.

Load after load goes in the machine,
all my efforts rarely seen.
Do they think the fairies come down
to clean the grime off their dressing gown.

Jumpers, trousers, pants and tops,
the endless washing never stops.
They spare no thought for how it's done,
as long as it's ready for them to have fun.

Pile it up, tear it down,
the washer of the house should wear a crown.
Washing duty is a repetitive job,
even more so than working the hob.

So remember this, if you could,
when you shed your jumper with it's hood.
Think of the one with the cleaning touch,
a thank you would mean so very much!


  1. Hahaha, brilliant :) A fab poem saying exactly how it is x

    1. Thanks Shaz, it certainly entertained me as I was loading the washing machine yet again! :D

  2. Laughed my socks of reading this ... had just put in the second load of the day!!

    1. Lol it's never ending isn't it! Making up funny poems whilst you do boring jobs is always a good way to make it more interesting :D

      Thanks for stopping by Linn x


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