V Family Fireworks Night

There are so many exciting events at this time of the year and fireworks night is the next one on our list. Sadly this event also causes me to grumble just a bit, read on to find out why...

We love fireworks and sparklers and always have them for the children on the 5th November. We usually have our dinner while we're waiting for the sky to darken and then hubby (aka chief firework lighter) goes outside to set everything up. The rest of us make ourselves comfortable by the window so we can see the fireworks in all their glory from a safe (and warm) distance.

An old photo of T and N watching the fireworks in our garden.
Once the fireworks are finished we all head outside for some sparkler fun. Obviously we've taught T and N all about being safe around fireworks and sparklers so they're very careful. This year will be slightly more challenging though with an eighteen-month-old who seems to have no fear of anything!

Unfortunately Flint hasn't been coping very well with the fireworks this year. When he was a pup we used DAP spray which settled him during fireworks night and as he got older he didn't seem to be bothered by them anyway so it looks like we'll be going back to basics this year (DAP spray at the ready).

Flint V

Now for the grumble. There are a growing amount of people who set off their fireworks at any time or date which means we have to endure loud bangs every night for weeks before and after the main event. Now I could handle a scared dog and a baby who can't sleep for one night but trying to deal with it for so many weeks is just annoying.

In my opinion there is no need for fireworks on any other day before or after 5th November. Please consider that there are animals and babies who don't understand that those loud bangs and noises aren't going to hurt them. 

However you'll be celebrating fireworks night tonight, have fun and most importantly, stay safe.


  1. Well you know how I feel about the extended bonfire night Kate ...

    Sheryl Browne commented on my personal FB status that one of her dogs was hit in the leg by a firework - not an organised display - like us they live near open space and it was children playing around on the field. She said he did more damage to his body too by trying to get through a solid wooden fence in his fear.

    I have no problem either with once a night but as soon as the clocks change until January 2nd is a bit wearing for us and the dog. I miss the walks after dinner too.

    It's not going to change either.

    Bonfire/Guy Fawkes was such a treat as children but I wonder if it has the same effect now?

    ENJOY your celebrations.

    1. Thank you for sharing Shaz, I really feel for you. It's heartbreaking to see your pet suffer so much and it's a shame that it makes this time of year so difficult for you. I don't think it will change either unfortunately.

      I feel bad saying it but we had a fantastic night, I sprayed everywhere that I knew Flint would go and it worked so well. He didn't shake or cry at all. Although he was a little on edge still, he just didn't look scared. Towards the end he even went to the door and watched the fireworks with his tail wagging! SUCH a difference.

      I hope you manage to find a solution that works for Taz x

    2. That's just fabulous Kate :) x


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