A Christmas Gift Guide For A Thirty-Something Male

Over the past few weeks I have produced a Christmas gift guide for each member of the V Family. Each guide contained the top four items on each of our wish lists and will hopefully provide some inspiration for anyone looking to buy gifts for that particular age group.

It's the final week and this time I'm sharing the top four items on hubby's Christmas wish list:

Thirty-Something Male Gift Guide

1. Hubby has a few hoodies in his collection but recently he's worn most of them to work so they're not looking so good any more. Clearly he needs a new one so when I saw this little beauty as I was browsing La Redoute I couldn't resist! 

2. This Eau de Toilette is more than just a fragrance for our family - it's a memory of Florida! Hubby bought a bottle of this to use while we over there and now every time he wears it we all end up commenting on how, if we close our eyes and breathe it in, we can imagine we're back in the sun. His previous bottle ran out a while ago so it's definitely time for some more memories of our favourite holiday ever!

3. Hubby loves coffee just as much as I do and often has to grab a cup on his way out to work. This lovely ceramic mug would make doing that a lot easier and far less messy.

4. Believe it or not, I was browsing for scorpion lollies when I came across this wallet on Prezzybox. Hubby's old wallet was in a bit of a state so I thought a new one would be a great Christmas gift for him. Being made of leather I'm hoping it'll last a bit longer than the old one. As for the scorpion lollies, they had those too - fun little stocking fillers!

*All prices correct at the time of writing this post

Has this post given you inspiration for the thirty-something man in your life? I'd love to hear from you.


  1. Fabulous Kate. I always forget about Prezzybox! so thank you for the reminder.

    Not long to go now :D x

    1. Where has the time gone, I'm nearly ready for the big day though. I love Prezzybox for novelty gifts :)

      Thanks for stopping by x


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