Heat Holders Review - How Are You Keeping Warm This Winter?

Those school runs are getting colder and colder so today I'm asking the question, how are you keeping warm this winter?

I've been using some fab products from Heat Holders to keep myself cosy when I'm taking the kids to school or out and about doing the Christmas shopping.


To keep my feet warm I tried out the ladies Original Heat Holders and also ladies Slipper Socks. The only difference between the two being the non-slip base of the slipper socks.

Heat Holders Slipper Socks

Even before taking the socks out of the packaging I could feel how thick they were and the fact they had a high TOG rating told me I was about to experience a quality sock.

I learnt that a basic cotton sock has a TOG rating of 0.33 and most other thermal socks are just 0.89. Heat Holders have a TOG rating of 2.34 which is quite a big difference, don't you think?

Heat Holders Original

When I inspected the socks more closely I marvelled at the softness inside and when I slipped them on it almost felt like my feet were being hugged by a hundred cuddly puppies (or kittens if you're more of a cat person) - utterly blissful!

Heat Holders

N took a fancy to the socks even though they're a bit big for her and go right up to her knees when she puts them on. I suppose they'd be perfect for her to use with her wellies though!

So why are Heat Holders so warm?

1. The specially developed advanced fibres provide high performance insulation against cold with superior moisture wicking abilities.

Heat Holders

2. Innovative knitting technology produces their unique, extra long looped cushion pile to hold in more warm air and increasing the thermal TOG rating!

Heat Holders

3. Finally, an intense brushing process maximises the amount of warm air held inside the sock for all-day warmth and comfort.

As someone who always seems to get freezing cold toes when I'm out I welcomed the warmth and comfort. Since using these socks I haven't once returned home with numb toes and they feel insanely comfortable when I'm walking about in them too which is a big bonus in my opinion. 

The slipper socks are great to use around the house and have fantastic grip on laminate flooring/tiles.

It does make me wish I had these in my life a long time ago, especially when I was pregnant - I would've loved this kind of luxurious comfort for my feet!


You may not know this but Heat Holders also make other products to keep you and your family warm (you can find them all on their website here). Alongside the socks, I've also been trying out their neck warmer - great if you have a sore throat which needs protecting.

Heat Holders Neck Warmer

It already looked soft and warm from the outside but when I opened it up I was amazed by the plush fur-like thermal lining.

Heat Holders Neck Warmer

Once again I used this on the school runs and was delighted by how warm it kept my neck. It completely protected my throat area from drafts and cold so that when I returned home it actually felt warm to the touch.

Heat Holders Neck Warmer

It also felt comfortable to wear and because of it's neutral colour it would go with pretty much any kind of outerwear you have.

N also took a shine to this and has used it a couple of times. I love being able to share things with my kids, especially when I know it'll keep them warm, so I was more than happy to let her use it.


These Heat Holders products were a big hit and I'd happily recommend them to help keep you and your family warm in winter.


Heat Holders is the ultimate thermal clothing brand offering a wide variety of products created with the same underlying belief that warmth comes first.

So, how are you keeping warm this winter? Do you use Heat Holders? I'd love to hear from you.

We received these products for review purposes. I am always honest in my reviews and all opinions are my own or that of my family.


  1. Toasty feet, how fab :) I love to have warm feet and if they're warm when I go to bed I have no problem sleeping! Heat Holders sound fab Kate.

    1. Thanks Shaz, I think warm feet can make your whole body feel warm! Definitely a must for this kind of weather :)


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